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Author: The Beard Struggle

Published at: Jul 23, 2021

Good day my fellow 'beardy' Brothers and furry faced admiring friends. Now the festive expense of Christmas has passed, we can now look forward to the future with a new year almost upon us. I can recall writing last year's new years beard blog post, and sworn I've given up on setting myself unrealistic new years resolutions. 'But why?' I hear you all ask, simply because 9 times out of 10 every one I have ever placed before me in the past I have failed upon, miserably.

So does that mean that I shouldn't set myself targets and goals in life? Of course not! But instead of setting the impossible, you must reach the possible before you. Most people unknowingly set themselves up to fail, as the goals they place ahead of them are not stepping stones, but instead deadly tortuous mountains. The top three I hear from those around me year in year out are as follows - 1) Give up smoking. 2) Lose weight and shape up. 3) Find a new job I actually like. Whilst those three goals are fairly easily attainable, don't set out to achieve them unless you are equally hungry to succeed. As with every goal we set ourselves, firstly, we need to want the change to happen. Even if you are setting out on your goals with your loved ones and those closest to you in mind, unless you want the change just as much as those around you do, if not more so, you're almost certain to fold and fail.

Now, I'm not here to try and shoot down your life goals and every other challenge you place before yourself. In fact, I'm trying to do the complete opposite. Life can be tough and rather challenging often when we are least expecting it to be. But do we fall? Momentarily maybe, but most importantly we adapt and survive. As a human race you are more versatile than you know, and more capable of achieving the unachievable then you would ever give yourself credit for. So rather than set yourself silly new years resolutions that mean little to nothing, use every day you wake as a new platform to be the very best version of you that only you can be. Remember, you are built like no other, and made to last. Every hurdle that you might reach, overcome them. Ever blunder that life throws in your direction, make them fall like the rain. For there will never be another me, nor will there ever be another you.

Enjoy the finer things in life, and don't overlook what truly matters to you and those around you. If you're blessed to have a family of your own, pause when possible to watch them grow. For one day their footsteps will walk in the paths you placed before them. Be strong in your guidance, but fair in your correction. If you lead your life in a selfish manner, pushing your loved ones aside in order to lead a life chasing paper, one day when your personal goals have been met, who will you have to share them with? I apologise if my blog has borderlined a session with a therapist today, that was never my intention. It's just this time of year I like to reflect on my life, my direction and the faults that I have made. And if i can help guide only one mind to refocus on the little things then my work here is done. Remember, life is a gift, abuse it and like anything in life it will abuse you right back. Enjoy it, and you'll see just how beautiful a gift life can be.

I would like to wish both you and your loved ones a very happy new year for 2017, filled with nothing but health, wealth and happiness.

And until next time, Beard on Brothers, Beard on...
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