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Published at: Jul 23, 2021

As the seasonal saying goes 'Tis The Season To Beard Jolly!' or something along those lines. So we wanted to take a moment and show our appreciation for all your support throughout the year of 2015. This year has been one we shall forever hold dear and it's all because of you!

Here at The Beard Struggle we work endlessly creating our top of the range beard care products. We know how much you admire your facial forests (as do we!) so we understand the importance of creating only the finest oils and balms to grace your furry faces. But we're only as good as the amazing folks who support our ventures, and thankfully we are surrounded by outstanding folks just like yourself. This year alone we have launched several new TBS products, from quality balms and oils as well as a brand new range of smartly crafted TBS beard combs! In 2016 we have even more fresh beardy ideas in the pipeline as we continue to grow (no pun intended) in the new year of 2016!

But Christmas is a time for giving! (And eating as much turkey as humanly possible! And Christmas trees! And Santa! Oh, and his reindeer! Don't forget Rudolph!) So we would like to give you a little gift to help stock up over the festive holidays whilst saving a pretty penny or two by gifting our customers 10% off your next order! Simply punch in promo code HOLIDAY10 at the checkout to receive your discount next time you shop!

As i wrap up this weeks post i would like to thank you for supporting the 'Beardlog' as i wish each and everyone of you a very Merry Christmas and an absolute belter of a new year! I'll be back in 2016!

Until next time. Beard on Merry Brothers, beard on...

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