The Beard Struggle


Author: The Beard Struggle

Published at: Jul 23, 2021

With November coming to a close it's a sad time for the bearded community as this means the end of 'No Shave November'. Smartly titled 'Novembeard!'

But the start of December doesn't have to become a beard massacre! Chances are you've probably grown rather attached to your new facial field (no pun intended!) and rightfully so! If this has been your first time participating in such activities you've had a whole month to enjoy what started as an itchy patch of chin fuzz evolve into something rather special. And let's face it, you're likely intrigued as to how your beard will flourish and progress in the coming months ahead.

If like myself in the earlier days of facial hair growth, you might have a better half in the form of a partner or spouse who isn't currently digging your new beard, which may prove an obstacle when arguing your corner as to why your beard should stay. So, here's a handy little guide to why that beard should pass go and collect 200!

I thought you were a wizard, Hagrid?

There's been numerous famous beards featured on the big screen. Hagrid from the Harry Potter series being one to remember! Could you imagine him without it? That would prove to be very un-Wizardly! Proof that beards make everything better! Even children's movies!

Oh, Christmas...beard!

Now November is creeping away on the quiet, we welcome the month of December. Which includes Christmas! Not only can we decorate our Christmas trees and homes with the festivities but pick up some Beard-baubles and you can make your very own Christmas Beard! Not to everyones taste, i know. But be creative and you might just dig your jingle beard all the more!

Is that you...Santa Claus?

We couldn't talk Christmas without mentioning Mr festivities himself, Santa Claus! This jolly gift giver has been slapped on numerous TV commercials year after year to remind us Holidays are coming! and appeared on millions if not billions of seasonal Christmas cards. But would you recognize the Jolly fellow without his famous white as snow frosty beard? Not likely!

Your beard will become your ultimate thinking tool.

Many may already relate to that previous sentence. But i often find my beard helps me think clearer. Whenever i find myself in a pickle and losing my train of thought whether it be at work or with general day to day activities, i simply reach up for my fiery red beard and give it a fondel to help with my thinking process and help clear a clouded mind. Come on, you do the same don't you? Admit it!

Your kids will love your beard, probably more than you even know!

I can personally speak from my own experiences here. When my beard growing journey first began i decided to grow a chin strap style beard, a lot like a heavy rock guitarist look.
That dreaded day arrived where i woke one morning and realised i needed to give the wild thing a little trim. Setting up my beard trimmer i had no intentions to shave much off whatsoever. I gently began to shave a little over an inch from my face when **BUZZZZZZDT!!** my beard snagged and literally tore away from my face. Imagine an overly hot wax strip being removed from your face kind of sensation, yep that's exactly how it felt. I had to chop the entire beard off and start over. It wasn't until this happened i realised how much my two children loved the beard. I went to pick them up from school later that same day and they were not at all impressed with my new groomed look. My son shook his head and walked ahead with his buddies. And my daughter kept staring, pointing and laughing while asking why on earth i had chopped the beard off. That day it was a heavy lesson learned the hard way. And now I've grown a full beard for almost a year and a half. Never again will a razor or trimmer grace my face. NEVER.

So there you have it! A small amount of reasons to carry on growing that mane you so proudly sport. And with our range of top quality grooming products to help all stages of facial hair growth you have no ''It's too itchy'' or ''It's too scruffy'' excuses!

And until next time, Beard on Brothers, Beard on...

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