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5 Steps to Winter Beard Care

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Published at: Jul 23, 2021

Old Man winter is doing what he does best; making things frozen and wet. However, the same cannot be said about your face. Frigid temperatures combined with low humidity absorbs moisture from your beard and the skin underneath causing it to become dry, and itchy with a scruffy appearance. That’s right, your beard is suffering. This can lead to split ends, brittle hair, dry course hair, and dry skin. So, what is a bearded man to do? The solution is simple, regular maintenance.

Winter Snowy Beard

Beard Care, By the Numbers

With all the things that could be happening to your precious beard, it is high time you did something to combat this onslaught of bearded mayhem. Here are five quick tips, to use in the shower, to get you on your way back to bearded Godliness:

  1. Use Beard Shampoos and Conditioners:
    1. Use a Shampoo that is good for your beard. Regular Shampoos just trip out that moisture that you are trying to keep in your beard. I have told you time and time again that Hair shampoo was designed for your head. It will not do anything but cause your beard to become brittle and damaged.
  2. Pat Dry with a Towel
    1. After your shower, pat your beard dry. Additionally, try to avoid using a blow dryer, as this is only doing more of what you are trying to avoid; which is stripping out the moisture.
    2. When drying your beard and face with a towel try to avoid ruffling or scrunching the towel on your beard as this will cause you to pull and strain the hair roots, causing them to become loose and fall out or become malnourished, leading to brittle hair.
  3. Apply Beard Oils
    1. Use a quality beard oil that will have an added benefit on your beard. Additionally, for healing and hydration focus on cedarwood, peppermint, and macadamia oils as they all have great skin, hair and hydration benefits. Rice bran, cedarwood and peppermint are a great combination. The Rice bran oil hydrates the hair and skin; the cedarwood prevents acne, hydrates and prevents inflammation; and the peppermint invigorates the skin causing more blood circulation, healthy growth and increase natural oil production. Ensure you rub the oil on your hands and then massage it into your beard all the way down to the skin.
  4. Brush with Beard Comb
    1. Afterwards, ensure that you use a beard comb. Keep in mind, that the comb is important, the wider spacing between the comb forks will help to avoid pulling on the hairs as well as helps to untangle your beard.
  5. Brush with Boar-hair Brush
    1. After you have untangled that man-mane, ensure that you use a quality Boar-hair brush. Use a Boar-hair brush because the bristles will be stiff enough to clean your beard, yet flexible enough not to pull too hard. This step is done after the comb, so the beard is tangle and knot free and the oil is spread throughout. Additionally, the natural bristles will help strip away any dirt and grime that may not have been removed from washing your beard.

Do this process every day or every other day for best results. The goal is to ensure you have enough oils in you beard and skin to last you throughout the day.

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