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5 Amazing Beard Tips To a Fuller, Healthier Beard!

Author: The Beard Struggle

Published at: Mar 26, 2016



1 - If you're just setting out on your beard growing journey the chances are you have experienced the dreaded 'beard itch' phase. This stage can easily make a man fold and reduce them to their former clean shaven selves. But there are a few simple techniques to help reduce the urge to scratch your face off or even worse massacre away the facial fluff. The first pointer seems a little obvious, but keeping your face and beard clean can play a huge role in how itchy your scruff is, as a well hydrated face will feel much cleaner and not overly dry and itchy.

 Also try patting the itch rather than digging your nails in. A lot like a healing tattoo this'll be less aggravating to your skin reducing the urges to overly itch. You could also apply a small amount of beard balm & oil to help sooth that horrid itching sensation. If all else fails just remember this itch doesn't last for months and will most likely settle down in a week or so.





2 - After your beard has began to grow be sure to keep it clean and tidy. Beards are often given a bad wrap in the media so keeping yours looking sharp may just encourage that clean shaven chap sat behind his desk to burst out an awesome beard, so keeping your beard game strong at all times is advisable. Combing through your beard will help eliminate any knotting reducing the chances of snagging or clumping. And by doing so you'll also display a more even and tidy looking beard in the process. We stock some of the smartest beard combs on the market today, so be sure to visit our website for more info.






3 - Washing your beard is key to keeping it looking at its best. Just remember to not over wash though, as in doing so you may not meaningfully remove the natural oils your beard produces which will dry out the beard. You can use shampoo and conditioner  but make sure you wash this through thoroughly. After washing i wouldn't recommend using a hairdryer for numerous reasons, but instead pat dry and wipe down your facial forests with a towel. 






4 - At some time throughout your beard growing journey you'll have considered a light trim. This can easily be done either by yourself or by a professional beard barber. I much prefer to trim my furry chops in the comfort of my own home. My advice would be to start little. You'll not want to jump in and grab a handful of hair and chop away like crazy as this will only heighten the chances of a trimming disaster. NEVER trim your beard when it is wet, as wet hair straightens out more and appears longer. Start by neatening up your sideburns with either a professional pair of barbershop scissors or purchase a beard trimmer which will include length grades. You can always neaten up your cheek-line with a a razor of your choice too. Before you commit to any D.I.Y trimming make sure you're 100% confident, and if you should have any doubt at this stage you're probably better advised to visit your local barber for a professional cut instead.



5 - Much like anything in life, maintaining a routine when it comes to beard care will only help you along your path on your bearding journey. Find a routine that naturally fits your lifestyle and doesn't become too much of a chore. Even on those lazy weekends after a hectic week be sure to take a little time aside to care for that beard-mane you so proudly sport.  


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