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Author: The Beard Struggle

Published at: Jul 23, 2021

The History Channel introduced us to Ragnar Lothbrok, and his trusty army of Vikings back in March 2013, which soon had viewers engrossed in the historic happenings of the Viking era. With Vikings returning to invade our TV screens in the coming weeks with their highly anticipated Vikings Season 4 part 2 (Despite many fans unofficially calling it season 5!) I thought I would take the opportunity to pay homage to a collection of four of my personal favourite characters from the show who pack a rather impressive gathering of facial forest. So without further ado, here are 4 Warrior Worthy Beards From The Vikings...


Floki is a rather eccentric individual that almost instantaneously becomes one of the viewers favourites from the entire series. Floki is a boat builder by trade who has a rather complex personality. He is King Ragnar Lothbrooks closest friend, who is committed to successfully evading the western world by his side. Throughout the seasons of Vikings, Floki sports numerous styles when it comes to his facial hair, although he his better known for his long scraggy looking beard, which further adds to his quirky personality.


Duke Rollo Lothbrok is the Brother of King Ragnar Lothbrok. Proving to be a fearless warrior when armed with his trusted axe Rollo struggles at times to contain his jealousy towards his Brother, Ragnar. In the early seasons Rollo helps his Brother on his first raid of England. Before his jealousy becomes apparent as he turns against him. Later he is quick to see the faults he has made and makes peace with himself and his Brother. During each season Rollo has kept a thick almost black beard that many of us 'beardos' can't help but admire.


My most favourite character from the Viking series bar none has to be the King, Ragnar Lothbrok. A legendary warrior whose hunger to explore the land proves him to be a truly courageous Viking. His continued hunger for glory directs him into many of battles as the seasons unfold. Ragnar remains an infamous name throughout the west, as he conquered Kattegat, then eventually became the King of Denmark. Not only does his name run fear through his foes, but he's also a huge hit with the ladies too. (It must be that beard!) Ragnar maintains a marvel of beard throughout the Vikings series, although in the later episodes his white larger than life beard grants him an extra edge to his ever historic presence.


Athelstan or commonly known amongst the Vikings as ''Priest'', was captured to become at best a slave, if not slaughtered after being taken from his Monastery. Once a Christian Monk, he soon befriends Ragnar Lothbrok who selects him to become his personal captured slave. As his faith becomes tested Athelstan soon begins to follow the Vikings beliefs as he starts to portray the image of a true bearded warrior as his man-mane begins to take shape. He maintains a neat and rather tidy dark full beard in comparison to other Vikings within the clan, which grants his facial forest to be one of the most memorable from the Vikings series.


Now I know we are discussing only the finest beards from the Viking series, but I thought I would throw in a wildcard and give a mention to the beautiful shield-maiden, Lagertha Lothbrok. Born out of two farmers, she was raised by her father as a shield maiden. She later fell in love and married Ragnar Lothbrok. Throughout the seasons Lagertha displays her strong will and true heart to survive numerous obstacles that arise on her journey of life. Although Lagertha has a few sexual lesions following her split away from Ragnar, she voices her heart will always remain with her true love, King Lothbrok. Her on screen presence is always welcomed by her viewing fans. As it's no secret she remains a real treasure on the eye to most. (You're most welcome, bearded gents!)

So, there you have it. today's beard blog has come to a sweet end. Be sure to leave us your thoughts and feedback in the comments section you'll find provided below.

And until next time, Beard on Brothers, Beard on...
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