The Beard Struggle


Author: Fran O'Reilly

Published at: Aug 26, 2016

If like me you enjoy the convenience of online shopping, at some point or another you'll have probably discovered some rather unusual gadgets you'd have never known existed previously. I often find myself mesmerised by the latest technology gizmos such as A.I robots and the continued evolution of flying drones. There is just something that excites me about technology and how far it has come in the world. But on one of my many interwebs window shopping sprees I began to discover some pretty unusual products specifically designed for or by beards. Some of which may come in handy, whereas others are just damn right strange. So today here are 4 Of The Strangest Beard Products You Probably Didn't Even Know Existed...


If you are a parent you'll likely know that feeding time with your little bundles of joy can be somewhat of a messy challenge. Often a babies bib can prevent your child from wearing any lunch time spillages or finger food disasters that may happen. So where does this so called 'beard bib' come into play? Thankfully not at the dinner table, but instead in the bathroom. So, apparently we can cause a stubbly mess when it comes to trimming up our wonderful beards. So much so that a 'beard bib' has been created to help capture any falling hairs that fall from your facial forest when trimming. I'm sure you'll agree it does seem somewhat an unusual invention, as the 'bib' firstly places around the 'beardy's' neck then suction cups onto the mirror or chosen surface to capture every beard hair that should fall. But is all this really necessary? Hmmm...I'm not so sure, although I'm 100% certain my wife would disagree with me.


Ok, hold on just a minute. I'm still in utter disbelief that this is a legitimate creation. But unfortunately I can confirm this to be very much true. Now readily available on the wonderous world wide web in a wide variation on strengths and flavours is beer made from several ingredients. One of the ingredients being BEARD YEAST. Yep, that's right. Yeast from another man's beard. Now, being a beardy myself please correct me if I'm alone here, but this sounds about as appetising as eating a vomit sandwich with a side order of fried dirty toe nails. The thought alone is rather unsettling, but somebody thought it'd be a splendid idea to gather yeast formed within blokes beards and create an alcoholic beverage out of it. If it's all the same to you, I think I'll pass. Cheers!


Every man's beard will itch from time to time. Now a simple solution, as with any itch would be to reach up and well... scratch it. Well, not anymore! As readily available on the web you can now purchase a beard scratcher. A simplified tool that can be used on the hairy facial region to satisfy that beard itch forever more. Now, you might say 'That is no beard scratcher! It's just your regular back scratcher that has been readily available for some years now!', and in fairness you are probably correct. But according to the product description these not so handy little gizmos were specifically designed on a smaller scale to satisfy your beards itch. A tool I'm sure you'll agree that no bearded fellow actually requested or desires to ever own.


You'll probably already have a handy ruler about the house that probably never sees the light of day due to it's lack of use. Well, put that old everyday ruler down my fellow bearded bredren, as there is a new ruler in town known simply as - THE BEARD RULER! (Wait, what?) Yes, a ruler to measure your beards length. A beard ruler. How original! Now, I'm not entirely sure why anybody would feel the need to measure a beard. That is unless you're striving to one day become the new Guinness World Record holder for 'The World's Longest Beard' or something of a similar value. But if you do fall under the 'beard measuring umbrella' the internet has your back. Why you can't just use a standard ruler I honestly have no idea. But purchasing a measuring device just for the beard does seem a tad extreme. Now, we've all seen those awesome and rather fun t-shirt prints which grades where your bearding journey has reached to so far, and I highly approve of those too for the record. But don't waste your time or money purchasing an everyday standard ruler just because somebody decided to stick the word 'beard' in front of it would be my solid advice.

Well, that wraps up yet another beard blog for today my Brothers. I must say the research for this post was a real eye opener! As always let us know your thoughts in the comments section kindly provided below.

And until next time, Beard on Brothers, Beard on...
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