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Published at: Jul 23, 2021

I have a little confession to make. It wasn't until just recently that I finished watching the smash hit television series, Sons Of Anarchy.

I know, I know, what has stopped me from watching this sooner? It wasn't for lack of effort, as I did begin watching this some years ago, but for whatever reason at the time I didn't instantly click with the characters or the storyline, that was at least until I gave the show another shot earlier this year.

If you haven't checked out this show already I strongly suggest you do so, it's beautifully written and action packed from start to finish, you'll soon find you have favourites in the cast who you will probably relate to and find similarities with as well.

Today I wanted to dedicate Fridays beard blog to my most favourite primetime TV show, in particular the casts awesome beards, as we talk 4 Of The Greatest Beards From Sons Of Anarchy...


Possibly somewhat of a 'wildcard' to make it onto the list, Chuck 'Chuckie' Marstein was a prison friend of Otto, a former member SAMCRO.

Chuck stepped up in season two with a lighthearted yet rather humorous masturbation disorder which became too much to tolerate, seeing a rival gang chopped off his index fingers to stop him from bashing off. A rather ruthless fix to the problem I'm sure you'd agree. He shortly returned with a gift from Gemma (Jax Tellers Mother) in the form of synthetic rubber hands.

His facial hair became splendidly eye catching in later season, which amounted to a dark tamed and tidy beard.


Bobby was the former Vice President of the Sons Of Anarchy Charming Chapter. With a huge likeability he remains the most treasured member of Samcro to most fans of the show.

Bobby always sported a long yet scraggly black and great beard throughout the 7 seasons of SOA. until his sudden and unexpected departure from the show shocked viewers from all around the world.


Harry Winston, better known as 'Opie' was Jax' best friend, who considered each other Brothers.

Opies chosen style of facial hair remains one of my most favourites from the entire show, and doesn't change all that much throughout the seasons.

After Ryan Hurst had finished filming his final scenes as Opie the cast recorded a short video as they took turns to chop away his beloved furry face forest, as he stepped away from paying Opie for the final time. Tears were had, I would like to think they were real tears, but these guys are great actors so maybe not.


Jax Teller soon becomes the lead character and loveable rogue that viewers quickly warm to as he battles the struggles of leading the only life he has even known.

A son, father and Brothers to his members he doesn't always make the greatest of decisions, but one thing he does remain is loyal to the club, as he becomes the president of SAMCRO.

Throughout the seasons Jax constantly changes both his hairstyle and facial hair, one moment he's sporting blonde medium hair and a matching sharp beard, then next episode the face fluff disappears, shortly followed by his hair.

Given the variety of styles we see through the seven seasons of the show it was only fitting that Teller gets a cheeky mention in today's listings.

So, there you have it, a nice lighthearted blog read to finish a week of posts. If you think we missed someone who deserved a mention then let us know in the comments section below.

And until next time, Beard on Brothers, Beard on...
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