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Author: The Beard Struggle

Published at: Jul 23, 2021

When it comes to beard care I would like to think the 'TBS' team are well 'in the know' with pretty much every trick in the 'beardy book', but truth be told mistakes happen, and sometimes we are blissfully unaware that we are making them too. So today I wanted to take a look at some of the most easiest mistakes made by beardsmen when it comes to grooming ones marvelous beard. Here are 4 Mistakes Made Whilst Beard Grooming That You're Blissfully Unaware You Are Making...


Believe it or not, there are some people who choose not to use beard oils and/or balms when growing out a beard. Now, whilst this notion might seem like a good idea to save you a penny spent here and there, the reality of doing so can play a huge role in many beard problems that you are almost promised to have in the near future in doing so. Without the use of a high quality premium oil/balm your hair follicles will soon become dry, weak and very brittle. Which in turn will stump your beards growth and cause you an added sprinkle of dry flakey skin upon your face, which if left untreated will lead onto the dreaded 'beard-druff'. I've met only a small few folks who choose not to use these products and their beards often show signs on basic aging, wear and tear. My advice? Invest in your beard from the very start for optimal results for the future.


On the flipside of not using beard oils and balms, it is possible to over apply these products which can lead onto fewer, but still some problems for you and your beard. If you over apply beard oil you can smother your skin beneath your beard, which will block out any natural airflow, in turn this may lead to rashes of the skin and spotty blotches may begin to form. When applying any form of balms and oils to your beard it's always advised to use a little each time until you meet your beards requirements. As it proves much easier to apply oil than it does to remove. When you are applying your oil/balm your beard will begin to absorb what it needs to stay hydrated. It shouldn't sit on the surface too heavily and leave and oily 'slug-like' residue upon contact. If that is happening to you then lessen the amount you are using until you discover what works great for both you and your beard.


Another very easy trap to fall into when first growing out your beard is to overcomb that furry goodness of yours. Now, it is of course important to comb and brush your beard each day to help loosen out any knotting that might be going on in there, and to help train your furry face to grow out and shape how you wish. But if you overcomb your man mane you could be contributing to causing a few issues such as split ends, which are not only rather unsightly but may slow down, if not stop your beards growth. Try not to comb your face forest more than 3-4 times per day unless it is needed. This way you won't loosen any hairs that would otherwise be just fine, which might make your beard look thinner than it should be. Again, I can only speak from personal experience when offering advice, as what works great for one beard might not work out for another.


I can't stress this heavily enough, but when it comes to washing your beard I urge you never to use your standard hair shampoos and conditioners. The reason I suggest against doing so is simply because these bottled products were never desgined with your beard in mind, but instead for the use of the hair upon your head. And as you know, these two are very different which require certain differences in care. Choosing to use over the counter shampoos/conditioners you run the risk of stripping away your beards natural oil leaving your face to feel sore and rather irritable, which often had a knock on effect to beard brittleness. Instead of running such a needless risk I suggest you only use beard wash and conditioners that are specifically designed for the use of beards, like our very own 'TBS' range. Every drop of our entire range was cleverly created with you and your beard in mind. Visit our exclusive online store today for everything you could ever need to support both you and your face forest from the very start.

That's another blog complete for today my friends. As always let us have your thoughts, comments and feedback in the box you'll find provided below.

And until next time, Beard on Brothers, Beard on...
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