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Published at: Jul 23, 2021

Having a beard is a lifestyle choice many men around the globe choose to enjoy. It's a right of self expression, a sense of freedom as an individual. But every now and again misconceptions tend to form, usually started on some form of social media which soon spreads as fast as wildfire. And as quick as such misconceptions are created, they usually stick around much longer, becoming a total pain in the ass to shake off.

Today, I wanted to discuss 4 Misconceptions People Make About A Man And His Beard...


This has to be by far one of the most frustrating stories that quickly went viral and destroyed every 'beardos' social media timeline for weeks if not months.

If my memory serves me well it was a little known radio station in Mexico that first conducted the study, of which they labelled as a 'scientific study' which shown a small handful of men had minute bacteria particles within their beards that are also found in human feces, yet not exclusively.

The story soon landed on the worldwide web and caused a total sh*t storm on Facebook and Twitter (excuse the cheap pun) as every Tom, Dick and Harry shared it.

To cut an overly long story a little shorter, this was never a 'scientific study', but a low key radio host reporter trying to stir the pot and make some news on what I can only assume was a quiet day at the office. Not long after this story broke a real study was conducted which shown many beards are in fact much cleaner than our 'clean shaven' counterparts. So stick that in your horn and honk it.


Being a bald man myself (originally out of choice I may add) I usually get some smart ass comment every now and again asking ''Hey, you have your head on upside or something?'' or usually something equally as irritating.

It is believed that some feel those of us lacking hair upon our head compensate for this by choosing to grow out a beard. Well, I can only speak from my own experience here and say that this couldn't be further from the truth for me.

I started shaving my hair on a grade 0 in my early teens, it started as a bet from my oldest Brother who at the time was serving in the Armed Forces. But then continued on because the school in which I attended at the time absolutely hated it, and used to instantly send me home from school for doing so.

Me being the 'star pupil' I never was, would love the fact it used to drive my teachers insane, which would only encourage me to do it all the more.

over 20 years on and I'm still a proud 'slaphead' for another word for the term. So when others might assume I grew out a face full of fuzz to make up for being a little short on the top, that's not the reason at all.


Anyone who suggests that we are only bearded because we are too lazy to shave are either one of two things. 1- a beardless female, or 2- a beardless male.

Short term we might save a little time in not having to shave each and every morning, but it isn't long until our furry faces require some TLC and male grooming. And believe me, this can take up a lot of time in the process. Nobody in their right mind grows out a beard on the grounds that they are too lazy to shave.

When the routine of applying beard oils and balms, washing the beard and combing through any knots and tangles you might find each and every day begins to take place it's no simple task by anyones stretch of the imagination.


Now, I understand that the lovely female kind have a wide array of preferences and choices when considering a potential partner. But I also know that a well kept beard catches more ladies eye than not.

So, not every woman will be a fan of beards, I get that. But studies suggest (yes, real studies too!) that women do in fact find males who have some form of facial hair to be more attractive compared to those who do not. So,I guess that is another goal in the back of the net for our beards, hey Gents.

So, there goes yet another beard blog on this almost sunny Friday. As always if you have anything you'd like to add in regards to today's topic at hand, or have a beard related suggestion or question you'd like to see discussed in a future blog topic then why not leave us a comment in the box provided below.

And until next time, Beard on Brothers, Beard on...
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