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Published at: Jul 23, 2021

Hello there, and a very warm welcome back to the biggest beard stop on the web, the TBS beard blog.

Of course, it is no secret that we always have your beards wellbeing in the forefront of our mind, as we continue to provide you with the smartest tips on the web in order to positively impact your beard care routine.

So, let's kick start this baby without any further delay, as we introduce you to today's topic, which is titled - 4 Lifestyle Habits You've Got To Kick For The Love Of Your Beard...


We get it, Monday morning arrives far too quickly for anyone's liking, and that daunting feeling of the working week ahead is already making you wish it was Friday, but that is no excuse to skip a couple of hours dedicated to the gym and your exercise routine.

Truth be told exercise is pretty essential not only to your physical health but also it helps relieves the day's stresses and woes. When we workout, our body serotonin levels gradually increase, this hormone is what boosts your 'feel good' factor, and has been proven to help kick stresses right in the groin sack.

Less stress equals better body health, better body health further promotes better hair growth, that includes your marvelous man mane. You should also introduce a healthy diest to further encourage better facial hair growth, eat more foods like nuts, raisins, eggs, potatoes and red meats, these such items will better your beard game, bar none.


Many of us enjoy a beer or two after a busy day at work, or maybe you get a little carried away at the bar with your friends, we've all done it, wake up in the morning feeling like death not even warmed up. Sworn to 'it'll never happen again!' well, not until the next time.

Just like most things, enjoying the finer options in life is fine in moderation, but partying too hard too frequently will cause you all sorts of issues, and that goes for your beard game as well.

Too much of anything usually has reverse effects, and alcohol dehydrates our body, which can prove an obstacle to hair growth, with a can, in turn, decrease our bodies zinc levels, which will strip your hair of crucial nutrients.

Of course, we're not trying to be the party poopers over here, enjoy yourself by all means, just don't make drinking high volumes of booze part of that routine if you'd like to better your beard, you can still be the life of the party without the need of fizzy water, plus you'll have a sh*t hot beard to match for your efforts, think about that Bro.


Some folks think to grow a beard means never to shave again, ever. Ok, for some it might, but can we please advise you to take a little time to take jolly good care of your face fur.

Leaving your facial hair to do its own thing might seem like a smart idea, but left to its own devices you'll soon begin to look like an extra from the musical Oliver, as your facial hair will grow wispy, thin, dry and patchy.

The smartest option would be to frequently use beard oils and balms each and every day. Also be sure you are using the right products to wash your beard within the shower, always seek beard washes and conditioner over those over the counter products, as choosing to use anything else could strip away essential oils and dry out your facial hair in the process.

I choose to add a few drops of beard oil in right after I step out of the shower, as I feel this helps lock in essential moisture that my ginger beard needs to continue to flourish. Give it a shot if you don't already and you'll soon see the benefits for yourself.

Choosing to take a light trim every once in a while will also prove beneficial to your beard. I have a light trim every couple of months to help with my beards shape and remove any straying hairs and split ends along the way. You can do this yourself in the comfort of your own home, or if that isn't something you are comfortable to do, then you could always visit a beard barber who can help.


Have you ever fancied giving a new beard style a shot? I know I have, but rarely have I decided to go for it, but don't let that sway your own choices, my friend.

There are a wide variety of facial hair styles we can choose from, from chin straps to light stubble, to most people's favourite, the full Viking beard, so the possibilities are rather endless. Just be sure that you are certain on what you are after before taking the plunge into doing it, as facial hair will, of course, grow back, but if you do something too drastic you might have a short wait on your hands until it does.

Whatever you do decide to do or not do, be sure to take your time if you are trimming it yourself, or you could always leave it in the safe hands of a beard barber if that should help.

That sees today's blog topic come to an end, for now, my furr-iends. As always we would love to read your thoughts comments and feedback int he comments section you'll find provided below.

But if you'd prefer you can find u on social media too, so be sure to 'like' us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram, and tweet @ us over on Twitter.

And until next time, beard on Brothers...

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