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Author: The Beard Struggle

Published at: Jul 23, 2021

Growing out your beard might seem a simple enough task to most. Throwing away the razor and allowing your face to thicken out with it's very own fluff can't be too difficult, right? Growing a thicker beard can be a tad challenging to many gents for a whole host of different reasons, from bad diet choice, to inadequate beard care to name a few. Today, I wanted to discuss a few simple pointers with 4 Tips To Thicken Out Your Beard...


First up, we need to get the basics balanced out correctly. If you lead an unbalanced diet without the goodness your body needs, chances are your beard will surely show it. Now, I'm not expecting you to become 'Mr Motivator' overnight, or run the London marathon, but choosing the right balance intake of vitamins will further improve not only your well being, but your beard game too. Staying active whilst choosing foods that are rich in biotin, such as eggs, nuts, fiber, proteins, most meats, whole grain and milk will improve your beards growth and longevity.


One of the most common mistakes 'beardies' tend to make when taking good care of their beard is not taking a moment to look after the skin beneath it. It's an easy mistake to make considering the face is now completely hidden by a marvelous beard. But remembering to take a couple of moments aside to care for the skin will vast improve your beards wellbeing. It's important to remember how key your face is to your beards success. Look at it as a veggie patch. if you were growing yourself some fresh carrots you'd want to provide your vegetables the best topsoil possible to help better your chances of success. Well, your face kind of works in the same fashion. So, keeping your skin well hydrated and nourished will do just that. When you wash your beard you must use the right wash and conditioners for the job at hand. This'll eliminate the chances of skin irritation and help lock in any naturally formed oils on your skins surface. Then when you're applying beard oil to your furry face make sure the product is of a high quality, much like ours, then rub it not only onto your beard, but deep within making sure the oils reach the skin below. This will help keep your face as well as your beard hydrated enough to continue growing out strong, thick and long.


Every now and then life likes to give us a firm kick up the arse to remind us we're all but human. Often in the form of unexpected circumstances that usually catch us completely off guard. Although life can be rather stressful, it is important to lead a less stress free life as possible. I totally appreciate that can be better said than done sometimes, but leading a stressful life could have an impact on your beard and overall healthy and well being. Stress can often trigger hair loss, usually the hair on one's head, although this can lead to the hair upon your face also. When we reach higher than normal levels of stress our body naturally produces cortisol, which has a negative impact on your body's testosterone development. So, trying to lead a carefree life moving forward is the best method around. Learn to let the little things go, relax and enjoy your life my friend.


Getting plenty of much needed rest will help your body recharge ready for the next day ahead. When we sleep our body begins to regenerate and increase it's testosterone levels. Sleeping around 8 hours is said to be the recommended amount of rest a male needs to 'charge up' again. Much like your mobile/cell phone. We use and abuse technology all day, and by the end of it your phones screaming out for a charge. Well, we work in the same way, and if we choose to abuse our body we shouldn't expect things to work at there best. Plus when we sleep our stress levels naturally reduce, leaving us level headed and more relaxed for whatever the next day may entail. So, scratch that EAT. SLEEP. RAVE. REPEAT. poster and replace it with EAT. SLEEP. BEARD. REPEAT. and you're onto a real winner, Brother.

Well, that sees todays beard blog come to a close. As always please take a moment to leave us any thoughts, comments or questions you may have below.

And until next time, Beard on Brothers, Beard on...
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