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Author: The Beard Struggle

Published at: Jul 23, 2021

When a boy evolves into a fury faced gentleman certain beard related obstacles may arise. Today, I wanted to share my knowledge with you all, as I try to debug 4 Common Beard Related Problems Resolved...


One of the most common issues you're likely to discover when it comes to growing out is irritation of the skin below your new found beard. The reason this one crops up often is due to the fact irritated skin can form fairly easily and cause a tornado of problems for your glorious face forest in the process. One of the most seen issues and causes of irritated skin is due to lack of moisture within your beard and on the skins surface below. When you choose to jump aboard the 'beard for life' wagon, your skin has to adapt to sporting a furry face in place of what was once a clean shaven haven. When beards reach a reasonable length the skin begins to lose out on it's natural found moisture, which usually goes one of two ways. You'll either find your skin in and around your beard will become extra dry, itchy and may even flake out, causing that dreaded and rather ugly 'beard-ruff'. Or you'll notice the skin begins to blotch out and a nasty raw rash will begin to form, usually followed by the sudden urge to itch your face off to the bone. Don't jump ship just yet my beardy buddy, as help is at hand! The first thing you must hold back on doing is itching the troubled area. I know that's much easier said than done. But it you go attacking the itch you're likely to only heighten the issue rather than fix it. My advice would be to use products to wash your beard that are specifically designed with your beard in mind, much like our 'TBS' wash & conditioners. Then use a high quality premium beard oil and/or balm. This will have your skin problems rectified and back on track in next to no time.


It is inevitable that spilt ends will occur every now and again within your beard, no matter how much time and TLC you show it. Although there are a few tips to help keep split ends to a minimum moving on forward. Firstly, I suggest cutting out the use of tools such as hair dryers and hair straighteners. I've voiced my points of view in previous blog posts, but in short I believe such inventions may have a direct effect to further drying out your beard, which in turn only further damages your beard hair follicles, which often lead to spilt ends within your beard. Instead towel dry your beard, and comb through any knots and tangles you might find whilst your beard is still a tad moist. Also, try not to over-comb your beard. If you fall into a habit of brushing through your man-mane too often you'll soon start to notice the tips of your beard hair follicles will begin to appear much thinner in comparison to the rest of your beard, which then can add higher numbers of split ends. A small handful of times per day is an ample amount for even the biggest of beards. using the right sort of brush or comb will also prove highly beneficial to your beards wellbeing. Check out our online store for the right tools for the trade. It's important to note that once a hair has split it cannot be repaired. So visiting your trusty barber to have a light trim every now and again might seem like a scary thought, but is an absolute must to keep the splits at bay.


Every now and again you might find you hit a certain stage where your beard doesn't seem to be growing out nearly as fast, if at all as it once did. I've spoken to numerous bearded Brothers who have showed concern that their marvel of a beard has stopped growing dead in its tracks, but truth be told it has not. You might hit spots within growing that things begin to slow down in comparison to the weeks/months previous. But your beard hasn't stopped growing, nor will it ever. It is believed that even before your beard begins to grow, it already genetically has a path in which it will follow, this including beard length. But beards never really stop growing at all. Yes, the do slow down every now and again that give you the impression that they have stopped. But just like the rest of the hair upon our bodies, minus the unlucky balding few, they'll never completely stop growing.


Beard patches are more common than you might first think. Many men struggle to fill out the patch directly below the lower lip, but usually given a little time and TLC you can help fix these issues. Firstly, how our beard may grow relies heavily on our genes. No, not the Jeans that you wear on your legs, but the biology kind. If the balding spots are causing you concern there is always a beard transplant. Yes, thousands of tiny holes piercing through your face to individually place each and every tiny hair. Tad extreme? then why not give our 'The Beard Struggle' range a try? Our beard care line are specifically desgined to optimise your beard whilst filling out and thinning areas within your beard. It might sound like empty promises or a dab of 'hocus pocus', but we promise our word is true. Why not visit our exclusive online store and read for yourself what our loyal customers have to say in their honest feedback reviews. We are so confident in our range that we truly believe you'll stick with us for all your beard needs moving forward once you've given us a go.

That's today's beard blog for today my friends. Let us have your thoughts and feedback in the comments section below.

And until next time, Beard on Brothers, Beard on...
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