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Published at: Jul 23, 2021

Come on, let's be honest. We are all guilty of falling into silly habits in our day to day lives. Be it a bad routine of snacking on the wrong kind of foods, or picking your nose when you are behind the wheel of your car where you think nobody is watching, no? Just me then! Whatever it may be we are all guilty of something or another.

Today I wanted to focus our attention on facial hair related habits, which are possibly the most common we beardsmen tend to have, in the hope of gently highlighting these shady areas and removing them as and when possible. So let us begin with 4 Bad Beard Habits We Are All Guilty Of Doing...


Depending on what style of facial hair you might be growing is dependant on how much of a problem this area might be, but it is super important to tame down those old face whiskers, be it long, short, straight or curly.

Shaping and trimming that furry face of yours is key to it's development and standing. If you leave your face gruff to grow out as it pleases, much like your garden, or as my American friends would say 'My Yard' it will become overgrown, untidy and almost jungle-like.

So be sure to visit your beard barbers every now and again, or brave a little D.I.Y grooming yourself in the comfort of your own home. The choice is yours, Brother.


When you are done with your handy groomsmen tools of the trade, it's equally important to keep these tools clean and tidy.

For example, if you choose to use a plastic beard comb and/or brush, make sure you rinse off any excess oils/balms and/or dirt afterwards.

The same applies to your scissors and any other apparatus you might be using. This will help eliminate the chances of face dimples and pimples outburst that could remain hidden for weeks below the furry surface before you'll even notice.

This is another reason why we choose to use African wedgwood to craft our 'V Type beard combs', as unlike other brands, ours absorbs the goodness of our products, rather than having them fester on the surface until it meets your face again.


This has to be the biggest known habit pretty much every beardo I know, including myself are 100% guilty of doing.

Given a second of spare time on our hands or when that little extra thinking power is required we reach right up and give our furry chins and moustaches a jolly good stroking.

I can indeed confirm this does actually help me think when I hit a dry spot of 'writer's block' and need a moment. But is it all that good for your fuzzy face in the process? Sadly not.

What we tend to do without willingly knowing is remove any oils and/or balms we have used that particular day, and replace them with many microscopic dirt and grime build up directly from our hands to our furry faces.

Now, I'm not at all suggesting you have disgustingly filthy hands and should wash more often, but our hands are one of the most used body parts that we have, and come into contact with just about everything. From public restrooms, numerous foods and any workload dirt you might also meet.

The last thing we want to be doing is transferring those findings directly onto our beards. Besides, we don't want beard oil on our hands neither, do we?

Plucking away at our face fuzz usually follows after a good fumble of those whiskers also, which is another mistake we have been guilty of making which is bad for your facial hair for numerous obvious reasons.


So, you wake up and you are running a little late with your morning routine, you've had to skip breakfast, jump straight into the car and whizz out of here like Batman after receiving a tip off as to where the villainous Joker might be hiding.

You've gotten to the works office, admittedly not nearly as exciting as Gotham City, or the Batman's Batcave, and you reach up and *BAM!* realise you've forgotten to apply some much needed beard oil and/or balm.

Every now and again we are all guilty of skipping the beardsmen grooming routine, which is fine. I, myself do this more times than I would care to admit to. But it can become very easy to begin following these routines until they become bad habits of ours, where skipping caring for your beard happens much more frequently than it should.

Just remember, set that alarm a little earlier and take a few moments to tend to your face forest each and every morning. Trust us, if your beard could talk it would certainly thank you for doing so.

So, there you have it. 4 bad beard habits we are all guilty of doing as some point or another. Please note, it isn't the end of the world when you fall into such habits, what is key is trying to practice getting out of bad routines. This way,much like a classic Disney movie, both you and your face fluff can live happily ever after.

Have a blog topic suggestion or would just like to leave us a little feedback in the comments section below? Then please, be our guest!

And until next time, Beard on Brothers, Beard on...
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