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Author: The Beard Struggle

Published at: Jul 23, 2021

Everyday can be a small challenge when you have a beard to content with. From bad beard days, to wanting to switch beard styles every now and again. But there are a few tricks that can make things a little easier for both you and your beard.I would like to give you a little guide to help your beard game continue to grow strong way into 2017 and beyond, so let's start today's blog in style, as we discuss 3 Top Tips To Help Your Beard Game Continue To Improve in 2017...


First up, if you've been hard at it growing out your very own beard, the chances are it has been a rather lengthy process, in which you have expressed numerous weeks, months if not years of dedication and bags of patience as your face fuzz sprouts from stubble to a wizardly like man beard. So, if you suddenly have a change of heart, be it you've now decided you want to shave off your beard, or fancy a new direction in beard style, my one piece of advice would be not to act too hasty. If this is an idea that has only recently entered your mind, chances are its just a phase. And with like many unexpected phases in life, many we make we soon live to regret. The last thing you'd want to do is act upon your ideas to then wake up the following day with bags of deep regret and a naked boyish face to match. First up, never, I repeat NEVER attempt a light trim or worse when you've consumed any form of alcohol. As the chances are it is the little 'boozy devil' inside of your head that's calling the shots rather than rational self. And secondly, if you are certain you want the change, then sit on the idea for a couple of days before acting upon it. Then if this is just a fad or rash call, the chances are it'll pass with no beard hacking in the process.


I receive numerous messages on my Twitter from beardsmen asking me all kinds of beard related questions and advice. And just like most, I don't have a secret beardy degree or claim to be an expert. But the advice I give has always been tried and tested by me, myself and I (and my beard!) then if it proves worthy advice I share on my findings with you, my readers. But it's very important to remember that what works great for one beard might not always work so well for another, as no two beards are ever the same. One may tame nicely with a beard oil and a light comb, whereas another might need a little extra helping of a beard balm and a good tidy with a beard brush. So when receiving any form of beard advice from our blogs, trust us that they are tried and tested before hand. And should any questions or suggestions arise in the process, I'm only too happy to hear back from you and make a promise to reply to each and every comment or Twitter message I may receive.


I know, it's the weekend and you've been slogging a hard week at work, and all you want to do is kick up your feet and relax in front of the TV in your trusty PJ's whilst consuming lots of pizza, no? just me then! Quite possibly the last thing on your mind right now is having to take care of that wild face forest you have inhabited on your cheeks. But it's super important to not forget about taking a little time aside to care for your marvel of a beard. By taking care I don't mean washing, as over washing is another common mistake made by many of us, me included in the early days. But take 10 minutes each morning to comb through any tangles and snagging areas within your beard, apply a good helping of a premium quality beard oil (much like our own!) or balm, making sure to reach the skin beneath your face fuzz, then comb through your beard again to help even out any product you have applied to the beard. I suggested in a recent blog post that if your beard is similar to mine and rather wild in the mornings, it also helps to apply a touch of product right before combing/brushing through your beard, as this actually helps loosen up any knotting and lessens the chances of pulling, making beard care that little bit easier for everybody.

So there you have it, a few simple tips to keep your beard at it's absolute best for 2017 and beyond! As always let us know your thoughts or any beard related questions you may have in the comments section you'll find provided below.

And until next time, Beard on Brothers, Beard on...
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