The Beard Struggle


Author: The Beard Struggle

Published at: Jul 23, 2021

Beards. Most love them whilst others loathe them. With you reading this post i assume you're either a splendid specimen of a bearded fellow yourself or a fuzzy face admirer. Throughout history beards have grown in various shapes, shades and sizes. From 'designer stubble' to the lumberjack or even the hipster, the beard styles list could go on and on. When searching around the world wide interwebs today i discovered something rather unusual. Something I personally had never seen before, okay maybe i did this when i was a child at bathtime, but besides that...

Here's the bubble beard! Yep, you read correct. The bubble beard. We've all heard of bubbles, from bubble butts (being my personal favourite!) to drinking bubbles in the form of fancy champagne. But there is something rather gripping about grown dapper looking Gents playing around with soapy suds. Honest! Take a look for yourself! You'll be mesmerized!

These photos first surfaced on Twitter, and after a little Google search I discovered they were created as a bit of fun by a New York photographer Mindo Cikanavicius. Speaking with Huffington Post Mindo said - '“I chose bubbles because they’re temporary, like a trend, they pop when they reach their end,” he explained to Creative Boom. “Bubbles are fragile, like us men can be fragile — whether we’re bearded or not ... Soap bubbles are also a childish substance. When a little boy is wanting to look grown-up, he plays with a soap beard in the bath to reflect the subconscious transition from boyhood to manhood.”

Nice to know I was not the only boy who played with the soap bubbles in the bathtub! Admit we've all done it haven't we! Whilst not everyone will appreciate the bubble beard trend. I can't help but wonder how the models in the snaps would suit growing out their real deal beards!

And until next time, Beard on Brothers, Beard on...
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