The Beard Struggle


Author: The Beard Struggle

Published at: Jul 23, 2021

So we've all used lines such as 'I don't wear a scarf as I grow my own!'. For centuries bearded fellows have voiced one of the uses of growing a beard is that your facial forests serve more of a purpose other than just looking dapper, but actually help to keep our furry chops warm in the harsh winter months. And much like anything in life that makes for an interesting talking topic over a pint or two with your mates down the pub; studies have since taken place that indeed confirm such rumours to be very true!

If you happen to sport your very own beard you'll have probably noticed that in warmer months your facial fluff can hold in your body heat rather well. But how does this fair in the colder times of the year? Well, surprisingly well in fact! A study which took place in China back in 2012 closely followed facial temperatures from both a clean shaven chap in comparison to a beard Gent. The study confirmed that the bearded gent had a facial heat increase of up to 3 degrees which maintained itself at a slightly higher temperature compared to the beardless bald faced man.

There was however a downside to having a beard in extremely colder conditions; Condensation. When we breath (which most of us do!) any condensation can easily catch in our mustaches and beards. And in freezing conditions can leave a bearded fellow very uncomfortable or even worse beard icicles! Because they really are a thing!

So there we have it! Next time you leave home without your scarf, remember you're a bearded warrior who grows his very own insulated beard like a boss!

And until next time, Beard on Brothers, Beard on...

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