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Published at: Jul 23, 2021

The world wide web is huge and quite frankly scary place full of randomness with a side helping of mayhem. But chop away the internet trolls and push aside the funny cat videos and you'll find gold. A lot like how i first discovered a bearded Gentleman simply known as Frost. BeardKingFrost on Instagram to be more precise. Whilst browsing the popular photo sharing social media site known as Instagram i stumbled across a rather eye catching piece he had recently shared on his timeline. After flicking through his work i was astounded with just how talented this man is. So much so i thought it would be rather fitting to speak with the man behind the pencil exclusively here on The Beard Struggle...

Hi there Frost, firstly may i say I'm officially mind blown by your work! Can you introduce yourself and give us a little background on how you became to be the talented artist you are today?

Hey there! First of all sorry for my bad English as it is not my first language. I am really glad you like my drawings and I want to say thank you for your kind words.

I am Frost (Artist Name) from Europe and I started to draw when I was seven Years old. I loved all the Marvel and DC characters and always wanted to create something cool too. I figured out that I like to draw portraits and so I started to draw different celebrities. Once I became better because of practice, practice and... practice, I thought; maybe it's time to share my art on the www!

It seems your main focus is to sketch bearded Gents, is there a particular reason you chose to stick to the one genre?

Yes, my main focus is on bearded Gentlemen. There are different reasons why I prefer to draw bearded people. First of all, I am bearded and for me it is a lifestyle and not a trend.
And second I wanted to create an Account (Instagram) where beard-fans can see and find what they love. In my opinion it is the best way to stick with one genre because the people know what they will find on my account and will hopefully not be disappointed. For me it was important not to draw only celebrities because everyone is drawing celebrities. The comments and likes I get from the people I draw are awesome and so kind, and that means much more to me then to draw a celebrity who will never see what I do. Don't get me wrong, I love to draw celebrities too and I drew Tom Hardy maybe 300 times because he is such a great actor. But celebrities will maybe never see my drawings because they are so busy and they have so much to do.

We couldn't agree with you more my fellow bearded Brother! Your work has drummed up a lot of attention in the bearded community, do you have a particular piece you're most proud of?

I feel honored that the bearded community like my drawings and it means so much to me because i take a lot of time to create all these portraits and it is nice to see that some people appreciate it. If I have a particular piece that i am most proud of? There is not a special one I would say but if I had to choose one then I would say the portrait of myself because my wife @inkqueenmimi (Instagram) drew it for me. ❤️

And if one of our readers would like to receive the Frost treatment?

If one of your readers would like to get a portrait? Feel free to send me a direct message on Instagram and I will give you all info you'll need as fast as I can!

Are you social media savvy? Where can we keep up to speed with yourself and your awesome work?

Instagram is the only platform I use. For me this page works best to share my art and where people can find what I do. I tried to use other pages too but for me instagram is the best.

Thanks so much for taking the time to speak with us here at The Beard Struggle, Frost! I'll be sure to place an order with you real soon!

Thank you very very much and a wonderful weekend to all of you!

- Frost

You can find Frost over on Instagram by clicking the following link! - BeardKingFrost

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