midgard vikings - brotherhood

A clan that does more than just raid villages.

We strive to make a real impact on the globe

Welcome, brother. Interested in helping others beyond yourself?

That’s what the Midgard Viking Brotherhood is all about. Complete with charitable activities, community service, and social gatherings, MVB, an offshoot of The Brand Vikings, stands for everything the Viking code of honor was about.

The two pillars of the Midgard Vikings

Help our brothers

We're firm believers in standing up for others, but you can't successfully do that until you stand up for yourself first.

So in that spirit, we help our brothers become the best versions of themselves. Using a combination of teamwork, friendship, and tangible objectives, we lift our fellow brothers toward excellence.

Many members have already landed better job roles, gotten promoted, or improved their luck with the shieldmaidens due to MVB.

Change the world

Spanning across different regions of the world and different Aetts (chapters), the MVB uses its size to impact member communities, fundraisers, and charities.

If a member tells us that their neighbor is having difficulty supporting his family or a cancer foundation needs funding to help patients, we're always happy to lend a hand in spreading the word far and wide.

Our Mission

To provide a space for men with facial hair to come together with the mission of reclaiming the "Viking State of Being" -regardless of lineage- through UNITY, CHARITY, and BROTHERHOOD.

Our Vision

MVB invites us to come in to contact with the heart of humanity and to overcome all barriers and distinctions. It invites us to break down the walls that separate us, through sharing the joy of life with our fellow men, while meeting and recognizing each other... as BROTHERS.

What is VSOB?

The Viking State of Being is about the ambition to better one's life, the courage to step over any obstacles in life, the power to get over any difficulties, and the pursuit of honor and Brotherhood.

Where we come from, and where we're going

We’re just getting started

The Midgard Viking Brotherhood reached its stride about halfway through 2020, and our brothers almost immediately showed an interest in doing charity work.

This sentiment spread like wildfire through the brotherhood, with Aetts all over the world echoing the same idea.

And in just a few months, we'd raised a total of $38,344.66 for different charities.

We've raised funds for cancer research, veterans, and even one of our own brothers who lost everything in a house fire.

And we’re not stopping

In partnership with our brothers at The Beard Struggle, we aim to raise a whopping $100,000 for various charities this year.

Several of our chapters were eager to get started right away, so they've already made significant progress toward the goal.

2021 YTD to June: $37,623

We empower our Viking brothers with an arsenal of tools, opportunity, and hope

With the help of our fellow bearded brothers, we hope to conquer all barriers and differences, break down the walls that separate us and recognize each other as brothers.
We will be able to do more charitable work across the world as a united band of brothers, far more capable of changing the lives of those in need and standing up for causes greater than ourselves.
To help empower our brothers, we’ve lined up a few helpful tools:
  • Access to the Global Midgard Vikings Discord server, where members can chat about charities, personal issues, and the latest Rob Zombie album.
  • Opportunities to rise through the ranks to Officer, gain life-changing leadership skills, and make dramatic improvements to their personal lives, jobs, and character.
  • The opportunity to organize & execute charitable activities while proudly making a difference in places that are important to them.
  • Vikoin rewards for participating in meet-ups, charity events, or get-togethers.
Show your support

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