Top 10 Best Beard Growth Kits: Reviews & Buyer Guide

A beard can be part of your statement look. It can complement your features, and make you look and feel more masculine and confident. And as a super bonus, women find facial hair attractive. If you’re just starting your beard journey, you should know that growing an epic beard requires patience and the right tools.

Having the right beard growth kit can help your hair grow faster, and enable you to get rid of those pesky patchy areas. You’ll need products that help nourish, moisturize, and clean your facial hair. We’ve done some research and came up with a top ten to help you pick the best beard growth kit. Read on to find out more.

The Best Beard Growth Kits & Products

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1. The Beard Struggle Ultimate Kit

The key element of any beard growth success story is having a good care routine. That means beard shampoo, moisturizing products, and the proper grooming tools. The Beard Struggle’s beard care kit is a great collection of products that can help get you started. 

These beard care items are specifically designed for facial hair and are skin-friendly because they use all-natural ingredients. The beard wash and conditioner combo will help you keep those whiskers clean and hydrated. 

You’ll also find essentials like beard oil, beard butter, and beard balm. Each product is made from high-quality ingredients that will help prevent itchiness, beard dandruff, and split ends. The grooming tools included in this pack are a beard brush and a comb, perfect for taming and training your fledgling beard. 

A very cool trait for this kit is the possibility of choosing your favorite scent. And we’re talking about the stuff of legends here. Who can resist a name like Viking Storm or Valhalla’s Gates? 

Products included:

  • Day liquid tonic
  • NIght liquid tonic
  • Warrior’s beard balm
  • Warrior’s beard butter
  • Radiance beard wash
  • Radiance beard conditioner
  • Viking savage brush
  • Model Viking comb

2. Badass Beard Care Badass Growth Kit (Combo) for Men

This is a good starter kit for beard care. It has all the key ingredients, with products like beard oil, beard balm, and beard wash. Made from natural and organic chemicals, these food-grade products are meant to clean and hydrate your beard to keep it growing strong and healthy. 

This kit is customizable, and you can choose between a beard balm and beard wax, and between a beard wash and a full-body wash. Keep in mind that a beard balm is meant to hydrate, and a beard wax will help you style your beard. Also, if you’re looking for a beard shampoo, always go for the products which are specifically created for facial hair.

This kit also offers multivitamins created to promote hair growth. Before taking any kind of supplements, remember to check in with your physician.

What’s really badass about this growth kit is the large scent list with names like The secret agent, The pirate, and The royal knight. 

Products included:

  • Beard oil
  • Multivitamin mix
  • Beard wash or Hog wash 
  • Beard balm or beard wax

3. Anself Beard Growth Kit

The Anself beard kit is a good starter park with a lot of useful products but probably suited for a more experienced beard enthusiast. It includes all the essentials for keeping your beard hydrated and groomed. It even includes a storage bag so you can take your beard care products wherever you go, and always stay organized.

The pack includes trimming scissors, two types of combs, and a beard brush. These will come in handy once you’ve figured out the general outline and shape of your beard, and you’re getting started on routine trimming and maintenance. 

The only things missing might be a proper beard wash, a boar bristle brush, and some more details about scent choices. 

Products included:

  • Beard comb
  • Beard brush
  • Trimming scissors
  • Beard oil
  • Beard balm
  • Double-sided beard comb

4. Fulllight Tech Beard Kit for Men

The Fulllight Tech kit includes products made from natural ingredients like argan oil and shea butter. It is designed to help grow and maintain a healthy, soft beard. This is a complete kit that includes not one, but two beard oils and a beard balm to help you keep your facial hair hydrated and supple. The beard shampoo is specifically created for beard use and can be used 2 to 3 times a week as a part of your care routine.

You’ll also get a few grooming tools like a comb, a beard brush, and trimming scissors. The interesting thing about this kit is that it comes with a very handy storage bag and a beard care ebook to guide you on your beard browning journey.

Products included:

  • Beard shampoo
  • Beard balm
  • Beard oil
  • Beard comb
  • Beard brush
  • Trimming scissors
  • Storage bag
  • Beard care Ebook

5. The Beard Club The Advanced Kit

This starter kit is designed for beard growth and centers on products specifically created to increase hair growth. The products are made from natural ingredients like castor oil and coconut oil and are meant to keep your skin and facial hair nourished, promote new hair growth, and lead to a thicker beard. 

The kit includes tools that stimulate hair regeneration, such as a derma roller, growth oil, and essential vitamins. It also includes some beard care products like beard shampoo and a beard brush.

All in all, a well-rounded assortment of products that can promote healthy facial hair growth and be useful for any man at the beginning of his beard adventure.

Products included:

  • Dermaroller
  • Multivitamins
  • Beard growth oil
  • Beard growth vitamin spray
  • Beard brush
  • Beard shampoo

6. Naland’s Beard Growth Kit

Although this is not a complete kit, it includes some essential tools like a dermaroller and beard growth oil. It is designed to be a solution for patchy beards. The beard balm and oil included in this kit are made from professionally tested natural ingredients like biotin and arginine. 

The set also comes with a wooden comb and beard balm to help you keep those whiskers hydrated and groomed. This beard growth kit promises to keep your facial hair looking healthy and strong while improving skin quality and local blood circulation. The only scent option for these products is Tea tree.

Products included:

  • Dermaroller
  • Beard growth oil
  • Beard balm
  • Comb

7. Caveman Beard Care Set for Men

This beard care kit is a basic starter kit for beard maintenance. It includes beard oil and beard balm that can help nourish and hydrate your beard hair. Keeping your beard moisturized is an important part of beard growth and will help your facial hair look soft, shiny, and well-groomed.

This kit is a good fit for any type of beard, and the products are lovingly handcrafted. The only downside is a lack of variety because Bay Rum scent is the only available choice.

Products included:

  • Beard oil
  • Beard balm
  • Beard comb

8. Follicle Booster Organic Beard Growth Kit

The Follicle Booster kit includes some great organic and vegan products created to help promote hair growth and hair follicle health. This set of products and tools includes a dermaroller to help stimulate blood flow and collagen production in the skin. Other products are beard growth oil and beard wash soap, each packed with natural ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter, and vitamins. 

This kit uses a good combination of tools and ingredients to stimulate the hair follicles and encourage healthy hair growth. The pack also offers a full video and Ebook guide to help you understand the process of beard maintenance and growth.

Products included:

  • Dermaroller
  • Beard growth oil
  • Beard wash soap
  • Beard comb
  • Ebook and video guides

9. Raffin Beard Growth Kit for Men

This beard kit has all the right ingredients of a beard growth starter kit. The derma roller can help stimulate your skin and follicles by improving local blood flow and rejuvenating collagen production. 

The beard balm and beard oil are made with active ingredients like vitamin E, essential oils, and shea butter. This will help keep your facial hair and skin hydrated and nourished while promoting beard growth. 

The kit also includes an Ebook that can teach you how to use these products for best results. 

Products included:

  • Beard balm
  • Beard oil
  • Dermaroller
  • Beard comb
  • Ebook guide

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10. The Beard Struggle Origin Kit

This beard growth starter kit was designed to promote healthy beard growth, improve patchiness and bald spots, and reduce shedding. The kit includes a derma roller that helps improve local blood circulation and skin health, stimulate the hair follicle and maximize the absorption of the active ingredients found in care products. 

The set includes a beard growth accelerator serum, a mineral beard mask, and beard butter. Made from all-natural ingredients, the products are cruelty-free, paraben-free, and vegan-friendly. The origin kit contains all the right ingredients to help you grow a healthier beard that will look and feel amazing. 

Products included:

  • Dermaroller
  • Beard growth accelerator serum
  • Beard butter
  • Mineral beard mask
  • Beard brush

A Buyer’s Guide to Beard Growth Kits

When searching for the best beard growth kit, the actual trick is knowing what the best beard growth products are, so you know what features to look for. We’ve outlined the most important things you should be looking for in a good beard care product.


If you already have some experience growing a beard, then you probably already own a few basic tools. You can choose a more basic kit like the ones with natural oils, balms, and styling products. 

If you’re new to the beard-growing experience, or if you’ve encountered some problems like patchiness or discomfort in the past, then you might want to expand your choices. You can look for kits that are specially designed to improve a patchy beard and include helpful products like beard vitamins, beard rollers, and beard serums to help promote your facial hair growth. 

You can also anticipate your future fuller beard care needs and opt for a more extensive kit. It should include items like brushes, combs, trimming scissors, and other styling and grooming tools. 


Do not underestimate the power of scent. We use our sense of smell to interact with the world around us. We even form very strong memories that we associate with certain smells. 

Imagine using a cologne you don’t really like. Now imagine using this exact scent every day. Doesn’t sound like the best type of experience. 

You’ll be using your beard care products on a daily basis, and remember that you’re applying them on your face, near your nose. Make sure to pick products with a great scent that makes you happy every time you smell them.


Most of the problems you’d encounter with beard growth are caused by your skin. Issues like itchiness, dryness, beard dandruff can be a consequence of skin dryness or irritation. Healthy skin is the proper foundation for a healthy beard.

Make sure to look for beard kits with products that help hydrate your skin. This will, in turn, promote hair growth and alleviate any discomfort associated with the growing process. 

Healthy Formula

Prioritize buying products made from natural ingredients. Harsh chemicals and ingredients like parabens, alcohol, and synthetic fragrances can be quite harmful to your skin and hair, and may actually impede hair growth. On the other hand, products that contain beard growth vitamins or beard growth serum facilitate facial hair growth. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do beard growth kits work?

If you choose a beard growth kit with the right products for your specific needs, then the kit should do its job. 

What beard growth kit works best?

There is no universal answer to this question. Choose a kit with the right products for your specific needs. Try to pick products with natural ingredients that are safe for your skin and beard hair.

How often should I use a beard growth kit?

It depends on the contents of your kit. If you have a beard shampoo, then you might want to use it 2 to 3 times a week. If your kit contains beard oil, then you’ll need to use this product every day.

Are beard growth kits safe to use?

Absolutely. You might have to read instructions and stick to some rules when you’re using products like dermarollers, but every product is safe for use.

Do beard oils help to grow a beard?

Beard oil can help promote hair growth by keeping your skin and hair follicles hydrated. Some beard oils also have active ingredients which can nourish the hair follicle and help the growing process. 

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