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Viking Sea Mineral Beard Mask


Long, salty sea voyages and gruelling raids have never been easy on Vikings. Sun, wind, pollution, and everything else the environment throws at your face can spell disaster for that beard you’ve spent so much time cultivating.

That’s an unfortunate fact that leaves your hair split, thin, and fragile.

As cool as it’d be to live like a Viking, there were some drawbacks. Sure, they took care of their beards, but they didn’t have anything like our Viking Sea Mineral Beard Mask. That means Vikings had to deal with the worst of it: unruly and rough hair, a buildup of natural oil and products, and breakouts.

The Viking Sea Mineral Beard Mask makes those problems a thing of the past. It contains mineral-rich dead sea mud to rejuvenate your hair and help you maintain a beard Odin would envy. Proteins, vitamin E, and provitamin B5 repair any hair that’s been damaged by the elements on the longship or the battlefield. The combination of biotin, castor oil, almond oil, rice bran oil, and argan oil penetrates your skin under your beard.

In other words, this mask makes your beard and skin feel soft, look healthy, and smell amazing. You know, the things that would win the favor of a valkyrie.

This isn’t shampoo, it’s a deep cleaning treatment, for when your beard really needs some help. We recommend using the Viking Sea Mineral Beard Mask one or two times a week, depending on how long you’ve been in battle. For best results, include it in your weekly regimen alongside your beard oil and balm.

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    Daniel K.


    I cannot imagine a relax with the beard mask by TBS! Its scent is really great, natural and releasing. Just set down and relax with you girlfriend, or just alone while watching your favorite movie or sport. After the application the beard is really soft and looks healthy. I am applying a Beard oil after washing the beard from the mask and it feels outstanding!

    DAN B.

    United Kingdom

    Id never really used any products before this buy, maybe the odd cheap beard oil from amazon or as a gift. But afterbusing the besrd mask, ive never looked back, it smells amazing and genuinly made my (shorter) beard feel soft and strong at the same time. It has a great smell and i actually looked forward to throwing some of this on at the weekends, ive gone from typical uninterested bloke to giving a crap about my skin/beard care routine. Would highly reccomend the sea mineral beard mask even if only to feel like youve just landed on shore after a few months at sea in a long boat

    Cei j.

    United Kingdom

    Wow, just wow, this mun mask is amazing, tried it for first time today, it's invigorating whilst on and drying, and once rinsed out it leaves my beard feeling nourished, soft and supple . 100% recommend

    Luke G.

    United Kingdom

    Wow! Just wow! Have been using this product for a couple of weeks and it’s awesome. My beard feels so soft after using. And so healthy. The wife loves the feel of it and the smell is amazing. Highly recommend this product!!!

    Julian V.

    United States

    Awesome product. My wife loves how soft is making my beard.

    Nik O.


    Gotta say, after a few weeks I can tell the difference.. gives some real life and thickness to my beard. Don't be alarmed if you look like a drowned cat to start with.. well worth it after you're washed up and brushed. The smell also has a real ocean morning aroma to it to kick start your weekend.

    Joseph D.

    United States

    I only started using the mask last week and I already got amazing results in just the 1st 2 days of using it, along with my starter kit I noticed my face and beard was rejuvenated and hydrated instantly and upon inspecting my patches I saw new hairs begin to grow and take root. I cannot stress this enough when I say get this mask apply it 2 times a week and let it dry for 15 minutes for the best results you will feel like a new man at the end of your 1st three months.

    Kyle O.

    United States

    I was kind of skeptical at first about a beard mask, but immediately after I applied it, I knew it was one of the greatest products ever. The sensation while the mask is drying is unbelievable and the results from it once it’s washed off are amazing!

    Cody T.

    United States

    This stuff is just great. So here’s how I use it. I apply it to a dry beard, leave it in for 20 minutes. I then get in to take my shower. I use a beard wash and work it in and leave it for about 90 seconds. I then rinse my beard and use a co wash or a beard conditioner and leave that in for the remainder of the shower and rinse it out at the end. I use a cotton T-shirt to dry the beard and then apply oil. The cooling effect from the beard mask just makes the beard feel alive, my beard also feels MUCH healthier after using it and just soft. It’s a great part of the routine, definitely worth a try.

    Dion H.

    United States

    I must admit I was kinda skeptical at first because I never thought that I would be spending more than a couple of dollars to show my beard some love and watch it grow to it’s full potential. But when tried certain products to fill in the gaps to make my beard look fuller, I only made matters worse. Leaving me with bald areas where the hair stopped growing at all. But after using The Beard Struggle products along with the mineral mask, things quickly began to change. The mineral mask immediately gave my skin just what it’s been literally thirsting for. The invigorating sensation that instantly opened my pores and gave my beard the jump start it needed. Two weeks in, following the instructions to a T, I’m seeing new hair growth that looks healthy. So a big shout out to The Beard Struggle for making such great product that has literally given my beard new life!!!!