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2-in-1 Heated Beard Brush + Straightener

Known for being the only beard brush with a heated hair pick and easily holdable design, our Væringjar 2-In-1 Heated Beard Brush will volumize, smoothen, and straighten your beard.


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    Ralph A.


    I got the MOAB Kit as a Christmas present from my wife. Everything is of great quality, but I was most impressed with this brush. Excellent design and the brush is amazing.

    tor m.


    Who the see Before & After I have used the straggler. You can see the difference.

    Richard R.

    United Kingdom

    An incredible product. I have a very coarse, wiry beard and I have used some heated brushes before, but I always decided to pay for a cheaper option instead of investing in the real thing. I totally recommend this brush - it's design and innovation has clearly been considered during the construction phase and the results I am getting are perfectly straight beard hair that literally lasts all day long. I am over the moon! Just remember to use some beard oil after heating as to protect the beard and moisturise after the combing.

    Drew O.

    United States

    I've tried other heated brush options in the past but none of them really worked because they either didn't get hot enough or got too hot to use. With this heated brush, it worked perfectly. The heat was just right for my beard (my beard is full 7" when completely straight) with being too hot or too cold. The added "comb", which is also heated, definitely helped with not only getting the underside of my beard but also brought out it's full thickness like never before. It even brought out the full scale of my balm and oil's scent (I went with Odin's virtue) and now my beard smells like a woodsy cinnamon on a winter yule's night. The added bonus on top of ALL of this, is that it is wireless which makes getting around your whole beard even easier as opposed to being stuck to a power outlet on the wall. I highly, HIGHLY, recommend getting this because believe me, your beard will absolutely thank you for it

    Patrick K.

    United Kingdom

    I can't get over how straight my beard is after just one use heats up really well designed to fit in your hand. Quality built with no damage to skin by the heat

    Adam T.

    United States

    Really great looks and design. Keeps my beard looking great without damaging my hair or skin! I recommend this great quality product from this amazing brand!

    PAUL A.

    United Kingdom

    That should be the name of this heated brush, " Ulfhednar " because the ulfhednar were viking special forces, and that's exactly what this brush is. The brushes handle is ergonomically perfect, and sits in the hand perfectly, I put it on the lowest of the 3 heat settings, and went to work on my beard, and to my surprise I was done in under 2 minutes. Perfect. I have tried several other heated straighteners in the past, but this is head and shoulders above everything else, it is definitely worth the money, and I would recommend it to anyone. Well worth the wait.

    drew s.

    United Kingdom

    Love this brush! Straighten like a camp, the volume brush is brill, having now wires even better and looks amazing. Definitely a must buy

    Will I.

    United States

    I’ve tried several different Heated. beard brushes or the equivalent in the past. None of them seemed to get hot enough or didn’t have the bristles to even comb the beard. The Beard Struggle heated brush has all of this and more with the additional heated pick end. My beard is loving how straight it can be and with a lot less effort than you would have to use with a brush and hair dryer. Plus you don’t scold yourself with all that hot air from the hair dryer. 10/10 product.

    Phil S.

    United Kingdom

    While the price of this brush may make you scratch your head, trust me on this, it is an EPIC bit of kit! Absolutely fantastic, blows everything out of the water! Just get one..... Seriously, exchange your cash for this brush!!!