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The Ultimate Kit


Looking for the essentials? You’ve arrived. This is the ultimate collection of all-natural beard care and grooming products for the modern-day Viking.



Well, we know he has his hard-hitting hammer, a belt that doubles his strength…

Not to mention an almighty father, Odin himself.

Plus, a glorious beard capable of attracting the fairest shield-maidens Asgard has to offer.

But he doesn't have... a collection of beard-smoothing, frizz-defying miracle potions.

This is where we come in.

Warrior, this is your chance to best him (at least, when it comes to the beard department).


It's our exclusive collection of all-natural beard care and grooming products for the modern-day Viking.

Complete with a comfortably-gripped brush and comb, beard balm, oil, and wash, this Ultimate Kit makes the perfect gift for that ruggedly handsome warrior in your life… YOU!

Whether you're trying to attract buxom shield-maidens or simply trying to out-alpha your tribe of Ostmen…

  • Promote healthy beard growth
  • Fight itchy beard-druff
  • Destroy split ends for good
  • Maintain a beard that your ancestors would have pillaged entire villages for

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    Maxime R.


    Okay guys, let's be clear. I just shaved 1 week ago and i'm only starting my journey for the Big viking beard. But what I Can Say is that I never have that kind of silky beard, even when i used other beard oil, and that odin's virtue us driving my wife crazy! After our child birth, we used to have sex only once in a while, and this week for the first Time since ages... It's already be 2 Times and we're only thursday! You guys have gained a customer until Ragnarok falls on us.

    Manolis B.


    Listen guys I used many products but nothing like [Beard Struggle]!!! The Beard Struggle are a legends! They make my beard looks fantastic magnificent like a truly god beard..👌 I hope one day become a "Beard Struggle Man" like Thorrosland ! I like your spirit guys you are a dream team. So you have to try this products and believe me you will be surprised with the result! Like me...

    Kevin V.


    The Ultimate Kit has EVERYTHING !! Beard balm to help your beard grow thicker, fuller and faster. Beard oil to keep the skin moisterised. A beard brush AND comb off exelent Quality ! And the scent off all products is just AWSOME <3 !!

    Daniel R.


    The Ultimate Kit offers the perfect introduction to The Beard Struggle care range. You not only have the amazing scents to choose from, no, you suddenly get everything you need to completely care for your beard! I notice an improvement in my beard condition immediately after the first two weeks and my wife is also delighted with the result!

    Westley Y.

    United States

    The scents smell amazing and I have seen exponential growth from what I used to!!! I highly recommend it!!!

    Justin T.

    United States

    Scents are expertly crafted. Quality ingredients ensure a healthy, glorious beard and eliminate skin irritation. Overall, the finest products I've ever used and will forever be my go to.

    Kevin F.


    Decided to give the Beard Struggle Ultimate Kit after seeing all of those many, many IG ads!! Have to say, I regret not giving TBS a try sooner. The Viking Storm scent is amazing!! I've tried a number of balms and oils from some big name mens facial hair companies, but they never came close to the results and scent I've had with TBS. I'm very pleasantly surprised as I was sceptical when making my purchase. Will be buying plenty more and giving some more of the products a try once my neck mane developes!

    Mattie P.

    United Kingdom

    After using these products for just a couple of days my beard already looks and feels so much softer, my face no longer inches and the skin feels more moisturised. You only have you use a little at a time as the quality is 100% & my partner loves the scent of viking honour. Can't wait to try out some other products.

    Develan A.

    United States

    All of my experiences from The Beard Struggle have been amazing! A buddy of mine has been trying to grow his beard for a while and had been on the fence about trying the products from TBS. I decided I do what a Brother does and get him off the fence by getting him the Ultimate Kit, ‘cause go big or go home, am I right. From what he has told me, he loves it! After a couple of days of use, he told me that he was impressed with the quality of the products, his beard felt better and softer and he loved the scent (Odin’s Virtue) so did his GF. I think he’s officially off the fence and on board with TBS.

    MINDY O.

    United States

    I received my order very fast and all the product is wrapped extremely well. I ordered The Beard Struggle starter kit Freya’s Bliss the product is high quality and smells great. I got this as a Father’s Day gift along the Heated Beard Brush. My dads beard looked very nice and healthy for Father’s Day dinner that night. He’s also extremely happy with the product so far and loves the smell. We will definitely be purchasing The Bearded Struggle products again.