Spend $100 to Get a free mystery beard oil

The Njord Wallet 2.0

We already protect your beard, now let's help you take care of your bankroll! Unlike any other wallet - this is the real deal. You can expect to feel genuine leather every time you reach for your cash and don't worry if it's raining or you drop it, the wax coating will take care of minor damages. 

From the outside, it looks and feels sophisticated, premium, and just all-round handsome. Then, the inside old meets new as we give you a neat money clip and cool buttons that pop your cards up when you press them. Keep your mane strong and your money secure with this fantastic TBS wallet.

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    Filipe R.


    I needed a wallet (hell of a coincidence) and love of old vintage things in general this was 2 in 1, its worth every penny, and serves greatly.

    Jan T.


    Everything nicely organized in a great looking wallet.. what's not to love??

    John M.


    When the wallet arrived I was amazed by the quality and the material. The wallet itself is very practical and I can put everything in it that is needed. I am very happy with my purchase.

    John L.

    United States

    I bought a wallet for My #2 Son and one for my self. LOVED THEM!!!! Now I am buying three more for My #1, #3, and #4 Sons

    Daniele V.


    Ottima qualità, materiale fantastico. Design ottimo. Utilissimo e facile da usare. Le carte di credito son protette e di facile estrazione come una spada nel fodero.

    Eric S.


    I do construction. And recently put it through hell ! Concrete ,mud dust. And it survived without a mark. Heavier wallet so u know it’s on you if it falls out u notticed so that’s a Great thing. The smell of the leather is amazing. After I use my odins virtue beard oil (ny favourite scent ) I wipe the remaining oil. On my hair and now the wallet. Thanks for the great products

    Horatiu C.


    Perfect build, high quality materials used and can fit quite a lot of stuff in it!

    Stephen A.

    United Kingdom

    Well after a long wait i got the wallet...wasent blowen away with it at first..but after 10 min of playing with it i relised its the best wallet av ever had its in a league of its own..solid 10 out of 10

    Justin H.

    United States

    This is one of the coolest wallets I have ever owned. The overall quality of the leather is amazing and push button card holder is a clever design which allows ease of access to all of your belongings quickly. This wallet provides a great service to you and makes a great conversation piece.

    Michel A.