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The perfect gift for the bearded man in your life, our just for yourself! 

  • Gentlemen's Beard Balm
  • Day Liquid Tonic Beard Oil
  • Night Liquid Elixir Beard Oil
  • Viking Sea Mineral Beard Mask
  • Radiance Beard Wash
  • Radiance Beard Conditioner

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    Nicola R.


    daily beard oil is the best thing you can do for your beard and your skin. Trust me i have a beard!

    DAN B.

    United Kingdom

    Id never really used any products before this buy, maybe the odd cheap beard oil from amazon or as a gift. But afterbusing the besrd mask, ive never looked back, it smells amazing and genuinly made my (shorter) beard feel soft and strong at the same time. It has a great smell and i actually looked forward to throwing some of this on at the weekends, ive gone from typical uninterested bloke to giving a crap about my skin/beard care routine. Would highly reccomend the sea mineral beard mask even if only to feel like youve just landed on shore after a few months at sea in a long boat

    Richard M.


    Just received my Valhalla’s Gate day oil and beard wash. I absolutely love the sent. Though I love Viking Storm, this is quickly becoming my favourite. The combination of scents are perfect and subtle. Definitely got more notice from my wife with this one.

    Leo S.

    United States

    I have tried several different oils, from several different brands... I was turned on to the beard struggle by a friend of mine who is an ambassador, and I have to say this is hands down the best oil I have ever used. I’ve had issues with every other brand I’ve used from the product being too oily, not caring for the scents, price being too high, or having to apply several times through out the day and still having my beard feel dry... NONE OF THESE ISSUES exist with the beard struggle oils!!! I have now purchased the Viking storm and Ragnorok Finale, and the scents are amazing, I’m not going to try to describe them you just have to try them out for yourself! If you think you don’t need a night time oil... stop thinking... you aren’t any good at it. The two oil system has left my beard more hydrated and healthier looking than it’s ever been, not that greasy look or having to reapply several times throughout the day to prevent dryness like you get from other brands. If you’re reading reviews you care about what you use, and want the best product for your beard. Look no further, you found it! I don’t work for em, they don’t give me free Sh*t, they just make a superior product that I 💯 stand behind

    Antony L.

    United Kingdom

    Recently bought the day and night beard oil after using the beard shampoo and conditioner. First of oil the quality of this product is amazing! I’ve found a lot of oils in the past to make my beard feel greasy and have done nothing to tame my mane, but I’ve not had this issue at all using these products. I’ve been using the day and night oils (in Viking storm scent) every day for the last 2 weeks, my beard feels and visibly looks a huge amount fuller, whilst having an amazing shine and gloss to it which I’ve received obscene amounts of positive comments on over my short time of use! I can’t recommend these products enough! Matched up with the gentleman’s beard balm makes your beard an absolute delight to behold!

    Alex C.

    United States

    I was skeptical about how good The Beard Struggles product actually is and if they were trying to make a quick buck selling beard products like any other company but boy was I WRONG. Hands down the best beard purchase I’ve ever made. I’ve tried almost every kind of beard product you could buy from stores like Target, Walmart and even Salons/Barbers; nothing compares to The Beard Struggle. My biggest problem was finding a shampoo or conditioner that wouldn’t dry out my beard because I have a very thick dry and brittle beard, but The Beard Struggle really hit it out of the park. The beard shampoo felt incredibly sudsy (feels great on your beard) soft and actually made my beard feel like it was being rejuvenated back to life. The conditioner was even better. I usually use beard balms, oils, and cream to keep my beard looking/feeling healthy but the conditioner practically does it all by itself (I still suggest using them though). I 100% recommend their Shampoo/Conditioner. I ordered their Viking Storm with the intention of ordering the Valkyrie scent but I’m glad I ordered the wrong one. It’s hard for me to describe what the Viking Storm smells like but it’s what you imagine a guy with a beard to smell like. It’s not over barring (too strong/irritable to your nose) or intrusive; Instead, it’s inviting (at least that’s what my girlfriend says). Their bottles may be smaller than you would like but trust me a little bit goes a LONG way. Seriously, you will not be disappointed.

    Cei j.

    United Kingdom

    Wow, just wow, this mun mask is amazing, tried it for first time today, it's invigorating whilst on and drying, and once rinsed out it leaves my beard feeling nourished, soft and supple . 100% recommend

    BEN W.

    United Kingdom

    I love using TBS ! I’ve had everything from scruff balm to heated brush, oils to towels, I’ve used almost every scent and I can honestly say this is my favourite. And my wife loves the smell as well 😉

    Sean H.

    United Kingdom

    Amazing company with amazing products and super fast shipping.

    Jeromy J.

    United States

    Awesome, They worked amazing my beard looked dry and frizzy. But now it is soft and more tame. Less frizzy!!!!