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Scent Sampler Kit

Nothing is more memorable than a beard worthy of the gods, but what sets it apart is the way that beard smells. 

What is the hardest choice for all our amazing customers? Choosing which of The Beard Struggle scents is the right one for them, of course?!

Do you enjoy the strong masculine approach of Viking Storm or maybe the mellow and calm influence of Freya’s Bliss?

Perhaps you prefer the woody, earthiness of Ragnarok’s Finale or the citrusy-fresh smooth Valhalla's Gates?

This beautifully presented little box contains every scent The Beard Struggle offers in handy little scent samplers. Each bottle contains 5ml of Night Liquid Elixir, totalling no less than 40ml of olfactory-pleasing goodness.

Scents included: Viking Honour, Viking Storm, Freya's Bliss, Ragnarok Finale, Asgardian Secret, Valkyrie's Oud, Valhalla's Gates and Odin's Virtue.