Spend $100 to Get a free mystery beard oil

Scent Sampler Kit

Nothing is more memorable than a beard worthy of the gods, but what sets it apart is the way that beard smells. 

What is the hardest choice for all our amazing customers? Choosing which of The Beard Struggle scents is the right one for them, of course?!

Do you enjoy the strong masculine approach of Viking Storm or maybe the mellow and calm influence of Freya’s Bliss?

Perhaps you prefer the woody, earthiness of Ragnarok’s Finale or the citrusy-fresh smooth Valhalla's Gates?

This beautifully presented little box contains every scent The Beard Struggle offers in handy little scent samplers. Each bottle contains 5ml of Night Liquid Elixir, totalling no less than 40ml of olfactory-pleasing goodness.

Scents included: Viking Honour, Viking Storm, Freya's Bliss, Ragnarok Finale, Asgardian Secret, Valkyrie's Oud, Valhalla's Gates and Odin's Virtue.

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    Chance R.

    United States

    It's absolutely a must-have if you're new to using products by TBS. It's definitely worth the $20 to make sure you get the fragrance you want. I've used some other products and the smells suck! But not here...just pick this up to make sure you're getting the smell you want!

    Geschwindt S.


    Often people ask themselves which is the best, how they smell etc. Here is the solution to everything in a suitable package.



    The very first fragrance I tried ended up being my most favourite one. Even after I gave them all a try, thanks to this rather neatly presented sampler I purchased recently, the Viking Storm scent is just so far above them all for me. To be completely frank, I did not really care for the rest of them, but I suppose that´s the point of this product after all, to find that one (or more) scent that works for you. And for me it´s the Viking Storm, all day & everyday. It´s fresh, energizing and manly. Please, never change the recipe! Cheers from Slovakia

    Joshua M.

    United States

    So a little back story. I have tried so many options for beard care over the years. From beard clubs to purchasing the popular brands to homemade ones. This is by far my favorite. I was looking for a sent that my wife as well as me found pleasant after purchasing a popular brand that made me smell like legit sawdust. I get the whole manly smells but there’s a fine line between smelling manly and smelling like the lumber section of The Home Depot. After getting my sample pack I tried a new scent everyday. I’m not too to say every single one of them were for me but I did however find 5 scents that my picky ass loved! Out of the 5 I have come down to 2 that I’m going to purchase the entire kit in those scents. Also a little P.S. get the beard conditioner. I go to sleep smelling amazing and with a softer beard. I don’t completely agree that it makes it more manageable, I feel like that’s based on your personal facial hair. But it does feel nice.

    Tyler J.


    Fast delivery. Beautiful box and presentation. Love the samples and different varieties. Growing out beard and makes it so soft and smooth and love the fragrances. Winner with my shield maiden. Customer for life!!!

    Connor G.

    United Kingdom

    If you're curious about the scents on offer, or the quality of oils available, this product is honestly the absolute best port of call for all buyers. The samples are small but enough to get a proper guage on what scent is just right for you - my personal favourites are Freya's Bliss, Valkyrie's Storm and Odin's Virtue. I honestly can't recommend this enough!

    Jak G.

    United Kingdom

    I bought the beard oil sample kit as I wasn't sure which scent would be the best for me. I like a masculine scent and there a few different oils in this kit that fits the bill. The one scent that stood out from the rest, for me, was asgardian secret. Absolutely incredible. I would buy it as a beard oil, beard balm, beard butter, hell, I'd buy this an aftershave to wear on a night out! Excellently presented in a quality magnetic box. And the FU cancer and see you in valhalla bracelet were lovely surprising freebies. Can not recommend this company enough!

    Deborah C.

    United States

    I bought this for my husband as a present. He was complaining on needing beard care items and the products he bought were crap. I decided to do research and found this site and took a chance on the sample kit and a few other items. He loves it. He uses it everyday and the scents are amazing. His beard is softer and looks so good. I have since bought other products from TBS and love the quality of the products. Can't wait to order more for him.

    Patrick U.


    As always, amazing quality and outstanding products. Kept them all for future purchases if I want to change my preferred scents. The gold series is a must try!

    Fabio C.


    I have no words to spent for this products. Simply the best!