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Radiance Body Wash

From now on, The Beard Struggle Viking treatment isn’t just for your beard – it’s for your entire body too! We’re super excited about the Body Wash because we’ve carefully sourced the perfect ingredients and paired them up with our usual scents – this means you can match your beard scent with your body wash scent.

It’s an awesome 240ml bottle, perfect for your bathroom. While the beard products pamper your facial hair, this amazing body wash will soften your skin, remove any dirt and nourish you.


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    Greg J.

    United States

    I got the Asgardian Secret body wash and I couldn't be happier, its got the great scent that TBS is known for with all their products and I was super excited to try this as it was both a brand new product that people have been asking for and a new scent for me personally as I've already used Viking Storm with the Gentleman's Balm and Day Tonics. You definitely get a good amount with the bottle and you only need about a half dollar size to get fully clean and smelling great. This is be one of my constant reorders in the future!

    Robert L.


    Super erfrischend, riecht hervorragend. Der Duft hält sehr lange auf der Haut

    Nate H.

    United States

    The body wash works great and I love that I can match the scent of my beard products!

    RAFAL M.

    United Kingdom

    Very nice body wash.

    Jan T.


    I love the body wash in i would love if there were a hair shampoo to go with it

    Mark R.

    United States

    It is amazing wife can't get enough of me

    Romeo A.


    It's great when you have a body wash that smells like your beard products. Great combo.

    Stephane M.


    Viking Storm scent is very attractive, my wife loves this scent very much and I do as well, I also have beard care products in this scent. Their skin care products are all the best quality products available, period. I would also like to highlight and give prompts to the wonderful customer service team at The Beard Struggle, they are simply the best and I/we appreciate that 👊

    Chris J.

    United States

    It’s great first thing in the morning. The scent helps to wake me up while cleaning myself. If there was anything negative to say it’s the fact that the scents are limited we need more variety.

    Nick V.

    United States

    I absolutely love this fragrance. VIKING storm needs, NEEDS to be a cologne!!!!