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Radiance Beard Bundle


Start your day off right and show your beard some love with this nutrient-rich Marksman Radiance Beard Wash. Created from pure essential oils and organic ingredients, this nourishing shampoo creates a lavish lather that brings softness and shines to your beard. This non-greasy formula is free from synthetic ingredients that can damage your beard and leave it looking dry and unhealthy.

Beard Conditioner: this amazing product is designed to be much like a hair conditioner and soften your facial hair over time making your beard more manageable. This is a washout conditioner, remember to wash it out.

  • Straightens wavy, curly and frizzy hair
  • Moisturizes and nourishes the beard
  • Reduces beard hair loss
  • Reduces itchiness

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    Alex C.

    United States

    I was skeptical about how good The Beard Struggles product actually is and if they were trying to make a quick buck selling beard products like any other company but boy was I WRONG. Hands down the best beard purchase I’ve ever made. I’ve tried almost every kind of beard product you could buy from stores like Target, Walmart and even Salons/Barbers; nothing compares to The Beard Struggle. My biggest problem was finding a shampoo or conditioner that wouldn’t dry out my beard because I have a very thick dry and brittle beard, but The Beard Struggle really hit it out of the park. The beard shampoo felt incredibly sudsy (feels great on your beard) soft and actually made my beard feel like it was being rejuvenated back to life. The conditioner was even better. I usually use beard balms, oils, and cream to keep my beard looking/feeling healthy but the conditioner practically does it all by itself (I still suggest using them though). I 100% recommend their Shampoo/Conditioner. I ordered their Viking Storm with the intention of ordering the Valkyrie scent but I’m glad I ordered the wrong one. It’s hard for me to describe what the Viking Storm smells like but it’s what you imagine a guy with a beard to smell like. It’s not over barring (too strong/irritable to your nose) or intrusive; Instead, it’s inviting (at least that’s what my girlfriend says). Their bottles may be smaller than you would like but trust me a little bit goes a LONG way. Seriously, you will not be disappointed.

    Jeromy J.

    United States

    Awesome, They worked amazing my beard looked dry and frizzy. But now it is soft and more tame. Less frizzy!!!!

    Michael F.

    United States

    I've had my beard for 3 years now and this is hands down the best product I've used without a doubt! trust me I've tried them all.

    Dawn S.

    United States

    I bought the beard wash for my boyfriend and he loves it! He had a few areas that his beard was thinner & just not filling in. After using the wash and a few other of your products (balm & beard oil) his beard is fuller & spots have filled in. We love your products!!!

    Joe C.

    United States

    Love the shampoo and conditioner! Makes the beard soft and not itch! The conditioner instantly feels good when it hits the beard!

    Ørjan H.


    As with all my previous products from the beard struggle, im fully satisfied once again🤘 This is the only brand i thrust for my beard. And the product description in the webshop, keeps all it promises. One happy Viking, with a smoot, clean and nice smelling beard. Even my kids like the smell😊

    Paul D.

    United States

    I've always washed my beard with just shampoo. Never used a wash and conditioner that was made for it. I tell you what my beard has never felt soft and just all around healither then it does now.

    Iain R.

    United Kingdom

    Great packaging which adds to the quality of this company, and product! The conditioner itself is superb, leaves the beard super soft and smells great too!

    Adam M.

    United Kingdom

    Fantastic smells and soft beard the girlfriend loves it 😉

    Geoffrey S.

    United States

    Just a wonderful product. There’s not much in the bottle but you don’t need much and it comes out slowly. The event (like all of their scents) is incredible.