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Night Liquid Elixir

Keeping your beard soft and supple is so easy, you can do it in your sleep when you use this Night Liquid Gold Elixir beard oil. Specially formulated to nourish your beard and lock in moisture overnight, this is the perfect oil to finish your daily beard care routine.


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    Nicola R.


    daily beard oil is the best thing you can do for your beard and your skin. Trust me i have a beard!

    Sean H.

    United Kingdom

    Amazing company with amazing products and super fast shipping.

    Robert P.

    United States

    Odin was known for his wisdom and his ability to speak in poems, in addition to his magnificent beard. This Night Liquid Gold Elixir is all that, and more. The scent is irresistible and strongly suggestive of the winter holidays. And it does a beard good -- it's perfect right at bedtime to keep your pride nourished and moisturized all night long. Along with Asgardian Secret and Valkyrie's Oud, Odin's Virtue is my new fave.

    Michael S.

    United States

    This has been my go to scent for over a year now, plus my wife absolutely loves it as well.

    Brad S.

    United States

    Use it every night great for dry skin and hair


    United Kingdom

    Been using the night elixir for a couple of weeks now every night before bed, definitely noticed a difference in how soft and healthier my beard is. Top quality products

    Kyle M.

    United States

    I use this after showering/before bed and it works well. My beard is less dry and softer in the morning. I use the balm during the day with great results.

    Ben p.

    United Kingdom

    Pop it in before you slumber and dream of the secrets that valhalla holds. Amazing oil that intensely softens. The fragrance is a well balanced woodsy citrus with undertones of vanilla. Long lasting.

    Ivo F.


    I love the product. I use it every day, before I go to sleep. Amazing scent as well. Probably that’s why I sleep so well.

    Eric S.


    Fantastic product from a fantastic Canadian conpany