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Laurdag Utility Grooming Kit

The must-have kit to look and feel fresh and clean.

This is the perfect toolbox for any man who cares about his appearance and hygiene. The products will empower you to stay sharp, clean and well-groomed all the time no matter where you might be. From stainless-steel clippers and scissors to the premium file, tweezer and ear pick, everything is super high-quality.

Let’s start with the nail clipper, diagonal nail clipper and nail file. The clippers will keep your hands looking as they should, with nails shaped perfectly and no sharp or ugly edges. The file is great for keeping your nails smooth and soft – no scratching!

Then, the multi-purpose scissors are great for snipping away unwanted, straggly hairs and split-ends. The ear pick & eyebrow tweezers come into play to clean your ears and rid them of any wax – this will help you hear better and stop any embarrassment when people look at your ears. The tweezer is wonderful for getting your eyebrows shaped perfectly – it’s always good to look sharp.

Finally, everything is wrapped up and packed in a beautiful premium black case. This deluxe case will help you to travel in style, allowing you to carry your kit with pride.

This 6-in-1 toolbox is perfect for any man who cares about his appearance and hygiene. Includes clippers, scissors, tweezers & file in a premium black case.