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Kylver Comb

Picture this for a second…

It’s 160 AD, and you’re facing the fjord. Soon, you’ll be taking the longship down south for a gold-filled raid. Nothing like some good old-fashioned pillaging, feasting, and mead to round out your day. 

There’s just one problem: your beard isn’t battle-ready. You’re actually feeling a little self-conscious looking at your Viking brothers’ beards. Good thing your brother has your back. He hands you a wooden comb inscribed with runes… and the rest is history.

Now you can hold that piece of history in your hands — and run it through your beard. Modeled after the one and only Vimose comb, the Kylver comb makes it possible to care for your beard the way our Viking brothers did thousands of years ago.

- Helps clean your beard after a hearty feast

- Removes dust and debris after a raid

- Spreads much-needed beard oil during harsh winter months

- Battles common problems like dandruff, ingrown hairs, and itchiness

Haven’t heard of the famous Vimose comb? It’s a big deal — it was a gravestone found on the island of Funen, Denmark. Inscribed upon the stone are displays of the earliest known runic inscriptions, forming the foundation of the Nordic language.

The big problem, though? In order to understand what was written on the Vimose comb, they had to find the Kylver stone first. Hence, why we named this the Kylver. Okay, history lesson over… back to the comb.

But yeah, to put it simply, you can’t expect a Viking beard if you’re using a cheap, plastic comb from the supermarket. That’s why we channeled real Viking pride when we developed this comb. The Kylver is no-frills, built to last — and we think it looks pretty badass as well.

The fine wooden teeth slide through your hair like your beard is a feast bestowed by the old gods. The runes remind you of the men who paved the way for you and your beard.