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Kraki's Shave Kit


Do you shave like a Viking? Warrior King Kraki carried a supernatural sword named Skofnung, known as “the best of all swords that have been carried in Northern lands.” We’re not sure how practical (or legal) it is to carry a sword today, but you and your beard can still have your own Skofnung. Kraki’s Shave Kit has everything you need to look and feel like a modern-day Viking king.

Take a look at carefully crafted tools in Kraki’s Shave Kit and find out if you’re ready to make your ancestors proud of your glorious beard:


Every journey starts with the first step. Kraki knew this when he assembled his 120 men and 12 berserkers to claim the gold stolen by Aðils. Without proper preparation, he would’ve been lost. The same goes for your beard. Our luxurious pre-shave oil blend softens the skin and beard, the same way Kraki’s men and berserkers weakened enemy forces before he came in with Skofnung. Start one of the most important Viking rituals the right way and avoid razor burn, irritation, and ingrown hairs.


Vikings had no time to waste at the barber, and Kraki was no exception. He was too busy making a legend out of himself. Now, we’re not saying you’ll become a legend if you use this beard shaper… but you’ll definitely have enough time to work on it. The best part? Your beard will look worthy of legendary status.


Skofnung had supernatural powers, but that wouldn’t have mattered if it was made out of cheap aluminum. Even in the 6th century, Vikings knew steel was the way to go. Kraki might not have had access to high-quality stainless steel, but you do. Honor your ancestors with a steel blade and live in the modern-day with our handcrafted, premium Skofnung razor. You’d think it was imbued with supernatural abilities from how sharp and clean of a cut you can give your beard.


Kraki’s blade wasn’t just for show. That meant he had to sharpen it against a stone often after battles. Beard care shouldn’t be a battle, but it’s serious business. Take care of your Skofnung razor the same way Kraki did with our sharpening pad. This tool will keep your blade razor sharp so you’re always ready to tame your beard.


A sword like Skofnung deserves to be shown to the world, not left on the floor or the counter. Why should your Skofnung razor be any different? Our stainless steel razor stand is the perfect way to display, protect, and restore your razor until the next time adventure calls.

This armory collection will have you ready for your next raid in a flash. Whether you need a nice sleek look, or a fully rugged, but clean look like King Kraki himself, this set’s for you.

Ready to answer the call for glory and make your bearded ancestors proud?