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Gentlemen's Scruff Balm

If you already have a long, flowing beard, Scruff Balm probably isn't for you. But, if you're starting, the ingredients in Scruff Balm will put you on the fast track to beard success in no time flat.


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    William J.

    United States

    First of all, I love all the products from The Beard Struggle. I have now been using the Day Liquid, Scruff Balm, Gentleman's Beard Balm, and Night time oil for over a month and my beard looks the best it ever has and my wife tells me it is coming in thicker and she can't keep her hands off of it. Thank you Beard Struggle.

    Kyle H.

    United States

    Last month I tried Freya’s Bliss Scuff Balm to fill some splits and spots in my beard. I had great success after about a month of use. I heard from other reviewers I should allow a couple more months for better progress. I ordered Odin’s Virtue with this in mind. The scent and quality of the product are fantastic! Great job! I can’t pick a favorite scent but Odin’s Virtue is one everyone should try!

    Paul W.

    United States

    Hey y’all, started my beard growth on March 6th, 2019. It’s been a year since I’ve had a legit beard and I missed it. Used the Crumson Scruff Balm (Still Using) and it’s phenomenal. Going to continue to use it until probably week 6. At that point going to switch to using the beard balm as well as day/night oil, wash/conditioner, and the new mask. Not going to touch anything but the neck line for 6 months and then start shaping the beard but going for maximized growth and fullness. TheBeardStruggle is the best out there. I’ve tried every top companies products. At least 30 different beard brands and nothing touches this company.

    Warren A.

    United Kingdom

    The best on the market, the scent is beautiful and it leaves the beard and the skin feeling amazing. My wife has commented on how amazing it leaves me smelling and looking. This is such a top quality product.

    Justin H.

    United States

    Just like every other TBS product, this balm has the scent of the Heavens and will leave your beard and skin super hydrated and rich of nutrients. The quality of the casing outshines others as it keeps your balm cool inside and compact so you can carry it anywhere!

    Michael S.

    United States

    This stuff is designed for new beards but I find that the fact it is slightly thicker than the regular balm actually makes it get for those hot and humid days, where your beard might need just a little extra hold.

    Haris N.


    Im now on my 3rd week of using scruffbalm, and I sure can see an improvement it made to my beard. It gets thicker and looks healthier. I had this scruffbalm together with tonic and elixir bundle, sure was a good combination. In doubt? oh yeaahh!! I was at first because there is soo many beard product out there with awesome advert but the outcome was zero. As for the beard struggle product, sure was worth spending. Outcome of the product is so obviously noticed on the 1st week of using it. Packaging wise, It was well packed with bubble wrapper. Shipping wise, mine was shipped via fedex and it was fast like a week only since Im from the asia region.

    Robert J.

    United Kingdom

    Amazing Beard Balm, my beard seems healthier. I'm not sure it speeds growth but it's definitely healthier.

    Keiron W.

    United Kingdom

    Love using it. Smells good and does what it means to.

    Phillip P.

    United Kingdom

    Love this product .