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Gentlemen's Beard & Moustache Wax

Shape, style and strengthen your beard and mustache 

This is for the Viking, who really cares about his appearance and wants to conquer his beard. Don’t let it outgrow you – tame it and turn it into a masterpiece. The Beard and Moustache wax is the perfect product to have in your possession because it brings your facial hair together in any fashion you desire.

You can expect natural ingredients like beeswax, shea butter and essential oils. These elements combine to create a mustache and beard wax with medium to high hold, helping your style to stay strong all day long. 

Tame those unruly stray hairs and keep your facial hair looking perfect regardless of the weather, your daily activities or any other factors.


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    Adam M.

    United Kingdom

    Lasts all day long and love the viking storm smell and goes a long way and is non greasy as well 🥰

    Andrew S.

    United States

    I like it , give a lot of hold

    John M.

    United States

    Great product would definitely recommend it. Along with your other products.

    Martin A.


    It's the best! I really didn't believe that the products are so high quality, but they are! Try it yourselfs, make you sure that they helps your beard to look fantastic

    Gareth B.

    United Kingdom

    Love this to finish my beard, control shape and wild curls. Working outdoors this really keeps it under control all day

    Lee M.

    United States

    This is likely my favorite product I’ve purchased so far. The scent is much heavier on the wax scent than it is on whatever fragrance you choose, but oddly I like that. However, my beard is wild after washing and this product styles it exceptionally well. The balm doesn’t style my beard at all at my length, only softens. I prefer a stronger hold and this does it. Will absolutely buy again.

    Leslie H.

    United Kingdom

    Does exactly what it says on the tin. And smells great. I'd say to use this sparingly as you don't need to much otherwise you get a greasy look and that's not what you want.

    Ewald W.


    Love it. Bit hard to get it spreadable to apply it when you use it the first time. But that is with most wax. It is not to sticky and get's your beard in greap shape!

    Thomas h.


    Love at first sigth

    Andrew T.


    This stuff is awesome and it has the right amount of hold