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Gentlemen's Beard Balm

Make an impression that lasts a lifetime when you use the Gentleman's Beard Balm. With 100% natural organic ingredients, the classic balm keeps your beard looking its best by moisturizing and protecting the hair. The scorching fresh scent will keep you looking and smelling like a real gentleman


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    BEN W.

    United Kingdom

    I love using TBS ! I’ve had everything from scruff balm to heated brush, oils to towels, I’ve used almost every scent and I can honestly say this is my favourite. And my wife loves the smell as well 😉

    Tobias P.


    Feels good, smells good, well cared! My favourite product, I love it!

    Nick H.

    United States

    The scent profile is amazing, the quality and consistency is on point, and after only 3 days of use I have noticed a definite difference in the texture of my beard. And it’s consistently softer lol. It definitely doesn’t take much with the application, and it lasts me all day!!!! Other stuff I’ve tried hasn’t had nearly the consistent results, and a lot of it made me break out. Still a bit too early to tell with that part, but I've got a really good feeling.... give it a go if you’re looking to try something different or step up ye olde bearding game... Black Viking endorsed 👍🏾🍻😎

    Joseph D.

    United States

    Been using them for 8 months will never change. Products are amazing.

    Lukas K.


    the best cosmetics for my beard. A very nice scent for me is Viking Storm. I've tried others but this one is the best. Forever just The Beard Struggle.Skaal



    Hello brothers, I hope you don't mind accepting a sister :) I have been using the balm in Freya's bliss scent on my buzz cut as well as the wax and it is just amazing. My hair is smooth and shiny, it tames my very short unruly grey hair, a little goes a long long way and the smell is just ... WOW :) As for the scents I also do love Viking Storm and Asgardian Secret (have them in body wash too). It's great for my training sessions, for me it's one product does all ;) Happy that our paths crossed :D

    Charles A.

    United States

    Let's say, I was extremely excited when I got home from work and seen my Beard Struggle package had arrived. Odins Virtue was the first one I opened and let just say, that aroma coming out of that jar was amazing!! I've been using another brand for nearing 2 years and decided, what the hell, ill try something new. Never thought that this would be my new brand to wear. The scent of apples and cinnamon was fantastic. I plan on buying a few jars of it very soon before the weather gets too hot. SKÅL!!

    Ramiro L.

    United States

    I bought this for my husband he likes the feel of the balm and oil but does not care for the sent so much, me I love it smells good.

    Andrew T.

    United Kingdom

    Does the job really well, delivers what it offers with a small amount of hold. The smell valences out more throughout the jar where the vanilla becomes more levelled out with the other notes

    James M.

    United States

    I love these balms.