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Tonic + Elixir Bundle


Day Tonic:

Day Tonic gives your beard added volume and shine using a non-greasy, lightweight formula for all-day softness.

This oil contains a higher concentration of macadamia, almond, and avocado oil which have natural SPF and protect your beard from damaging sun-rays, so you can spend all day outside without losing your beard's touchable luster.

Night Elixir:

Keeping your beard soft and supple is so easy, you can do it in your sleep when you use this Night elixir. Specially formulated to nourish your beard and lock in moisture overnight, this is the perfect oil to finish your daily beard care routine.


  • Enhance hair growth
  • Prevent hair loss
  • Provides protection from UV sun-ray damage
  • Seals in moisture, stopping the itch
  • Moisturizes deep within the follicle, promoting growth
  • Add moisture to hairs and prevent moisture loss overnight
  • Reduce inflammation and alleviate dry skin