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Cologne Oil Sampler Kit

Cologne Oil Sampler Kit
Cologne Oil Sampler Kit
Cologne Oil Sampler Kit
Cologne Oil Sampler Kit
Cologne Oil Sampler Kit

Cologne Oil Sampler Kit

What Is The Cologne Oil Sampler Kit?

This is the perfect package for the Viking who likes a little variety — or wants to find his signature scent. But it’s not your typical alcohol-based, spray-on cologne. After all, true Vikings would never waste mead just to smell good.

How It Works

Unlike alcohol-based colognes, oils are much more effective and natural. While traditional colognes last for a few hours, fragrance oils last anywhere from 6-15 hours. That covers a full day of raiding or feasting with hours to spare.

Our oils also contain none of the harsh chemicals in alcohol-based colognes. These ingredients smell better, last longer, and don’t remove your skin’s natural, moisturizing oils.

Let’s talk scents:

  • Valhalla’s Gates — You’re not ready to reach Valhalla, but this is the next best thing on the mortal plane. The afterlife promises bounty beyond your imagination, and this fragrance delivers. Fresh citrus notes combine with amber over a base of sandalwood and vanilla to give you a taste of the finer things.
  • Asgardian Secret — The spirit city in the sky, Asgard, is out of reach right now, but its essence isn’t. A blend of vanilla and bergamot creates the ideal blend for the warrior enjoying his time off the battlefield.
  • Viking Storm — As rare and powerful as thunderstorms in Scandinavia. Vikings marvelled over storms, and you’ll do the same over this scent. The strong, masculine notes of Oakmoss, musk, patchouli, apple, and vanilla come together in a fragrance that’s only slightly more predictable than the storms of legend.
  • NEW Alfheim’s Forests - The elven homeland, a realm of light and beauty. It was an enchanting place, to say the least. The lush woodlands filled the air with a woodsy scent, while the blooming flowers added a touch of sweetness that balanced it all out. No wonder this scent combines woody birch and oakmoss with vanilla.
  • NEW Vanir’s Wisdom - One of the two main tribes of deities, the Vanir were mysterious. Even the meaning of their name is unknown. But there’s wisdom in anonymity, caution, and silent observation. So we decided to make this scent hard to place. Just when you think you smell cedar or fir resin, you get hit with jasmine… or is that amberwood?
  • NEW Aesir’s Triumph - Thor, Loki, Baldur, and Odin were Aesir ― the other deity tribe. The Aesir were essentially in charge of holding the cosmos together. Only… they failed, and Ragnarok happened. Not so much a triumph, there was fire everywhere, so we made sure we did it justice with notes of cinnamon, oud, incense, and cedar. Oh, and because you might as well say “Skaal” to the end of the world, we added a touch of tobacco and washed it all down with some whiskey.

How to Use It

Worried about going overboard? Thanks to our handy applicator, you’re no longer stuck spraying too much (or too little) cologne, you can apply the perfect amount every time.

Just put a few drops on your wrists or palms, rub them together, and brush against your clothing and your neck. Easy and a little bit subdued.



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