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Beard Rings

One large beard ring in solid brass with the Thor Hammer Rune and our brand logo. In Norse mythology, Thor is the god of thunder and his hammer (called Mjölnir) has the power of lightning. Vikings have been wearing rings in their beard for years, whether for decorative reasons or functionally, to keep their large beards out of the way while raiding, swinging axes, or other Viking activities.

Sold in a pack of 2.

  • Size: 14 x 9 mm
  • Material: White or Gold Brass

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    Darrin W.

    United States

    Solid material "worth it's weight in gold". A slight challenge getting my beard in the holes but that will come with practice. Overall love the product

    nicola k.

    United Kingdom

    Well made awesome rings just need more length on my beard!

    Callum R.

    United Kingdom

    Love my new beard rings, tricky to put them in but with some string anything is possible 😁

    Eric W.

    United States

    I have both silver and gold. These beads are weighted just right to hold my beard when braided without being uncomfortable like a lot of others.

    Stijn V.


    Good, heavy enough to keep braids in their place, cool TBS design, so yeah I like the beard rings

    Connor W.

    United Kingdom

    Very happy with this item, great quality and style

    Vanessa N.

    United States

    These were a gift and while I was on the fence about them my husband was so overjoyed to receive them as a gift he uses any reason to wear them out!

    Tomas M.

    United Kingdom

    Haven't used it yet. Waiting for my beard to grow longer, but I love the design!

    Ashton B.


    They look really good and my girlfriend loves them, can't quite use them just yet but I'm excited to be able to.

    Eirin E.


    We really loved them! Can't wait for my boyfriends beard to grow long enough.