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About Us

At The Beard Struggle, we are a brotherhood from all over the world. We encourage bearders and their admirers that wish to change the world. We are trying to create a movement. We are the struggle, we are the villains, and we are every movement supporting the freedom and growth of our beard culture.

The Beard Struggle is a celebration of facial fair and robust masculinity. We do not believe that a beard makes one a man. Masculinity is about growing in love, grace, self-sacrifice and service. The beard is simply a beautiful bonus!

Beards have been brought back in a big way, but what I believe is returning to us is greater than that. We are bringing back a lifestyle that has been forgotten by man — a lifestyle that has been lost due to our lack of connection to our masculinity.

We would love to see another great era of the beard! Not a mere fad, but a generation of men who grow up and age well wearing the masculine mark.

Mission Statement and Vision

The purpose of our existence is to increase awareness, appreciation, and understanding of the beard. The intended audience is anyone who has any interest in—or curiosity about—beards and has a good sense of humor.

Our vision for “The Beard Struggle” is to be the greatest brotherhood of bearded men, who disregard the broken norms that society has placed upon our manhood.

Your feedback is welcome and is encouraged. Thanks for visiting.

Our Story

A lot of people have this overly-yearning desire to be the same as everyone else—to not stand out, and to not be leaders; in other words, they seek to become a slave to the system.

I have many people that tell me that they don’t want to grow a beard because their workplace doesn’t let them.

The system is dictating how we should be thinking, and the perception of how a person should look is actively being influenced by the world we live in.

To me, it’s not about the beard anymore! The beard struggle is a stepping stone! The beard is our way of sticking it to the world and saying, “Hey, I know you don’t want us to be independent and have our own ways of thinking, but we don’t care, and we’re going to do it anyways.”

The bearded lifestyle to me is about bringing ourselves back to being real men and how nature intended us to be. Some of you might be thinking, “Hey it’s just a beard; why is this guy getting so worked up about it?”

But, what I am saying is that I try and look at this through a wider lens. I am not saying everyone should grow a beard, but what I am saying is that if you want to grow a beard, nobody should be able to tell you otherwise. If anything, they should respect you for having the courage to do so.

Our Family