A clan that does more than just raid villages.

Welcome, brother. Looking for a space to share your passion for Viking culture and facial hair? Look no further — combined with charity events, community service, and social gatherings, this is the clan you’ve been searching for.

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For those living by the Viking code

Calling all our bearded brothers — earn enough votes, and you could join the Midgard Viking Brotherhood. Designed for those with a love for all things Viking culture and bearded living, Midgard started as an off branch of The Beard Struggle Brand Vikings.

One with more freedom, community, and charity. You know, all the values of true brotherhood. So if you value unity, charity, growth, humility, and integrity, this is for you.

Stand for something with The Midgard Vikings

Impact your world

If you’ve been looking for a way to influence something beyond yourself, look no further.

Spanning across different regions of the world and different Aetts (chapters), the MVB uses its size to impact member communities, fundraisers, and charities.

Improve yourself

Level up your life to become a better leader (and brother).

Many members have already landed better job roles, gotten promoted, or improved their luck with the shieldmaidens due to MVB.

The Midgard Vikings - Brotherhood rewards its bearded members like no other clan does
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Meet your brothers

Join the brotherhood and become a part of something bigger than yourself. Aid communities, fundraisers, and charities to leave the world in a better state than you found it.

Join the party

Chat about anything and everything with your fellow brothers on the Global Midgard Vikings Discord server. You might learn a thing or two… or just troll around!

Pick up the tools of the trade

Level up your leadership skills — assuming you reach Officer rank and up. Use your newfound knowledge to make changes in your personal life, career, or even character.

Make waves

Plan and execute charity events you and your brothers care about. Proudly make a difference in the areas that matter to you, and get rewarded with coin for your effort.

Earn those shiny, shiny koins

Earn Vikoins for participating in meet-ups, charity events, or even MVB’s own brotherhood get-togethers. Use your newfound loot at The Beard Struggle in the form of in-store credit.

Ready to embark on your voyage?

Join The Midgard Vikings - Brotherhood to level up your life, your community, and your world. Battle injustice (or just hang out) with your new brothers.