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Natural beard & grooming products for men who:

Strive to be 1% better every day
Destroy all obstacles & crush their goals
Stay true to themselves

Natural Beard & Grooming Products For Men Who:

Strive to be 1% better every day
Destroy all obstacles & crush their goals
Stay true to themselves
Charge at every obstacle head-on
better is always better
The Beard Struggle Difference
We aim to create the best men’s grooming & beard care products in Midgard. We are on a mission to build the most innovative, customer-focused men’s grooming company you’ve ever seen.
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Valhalla's Gates Are Open!
I had been wanting to try The Beard Struggle products for a while now and finally ordered. The combination of a good shampoo/conditioner, daytime elixer and beard balm has made a WORLD of difference. The Beard Struggle is the real deal to take beginner beards or beards of all variety to the NEXT LEVEL!!
- John Z., Verified Customer
Best ever, smells amazing, feels soft and looks healthy. Plus my wife’s happy with the beard now. Which means I’m getting some. So thank you beard struggle.
- Leigh H., Verified Customer
Softer than Soft
been about 10 days now and since using the shampoo and conditioner it had reduced my split ends, by about 80% it’s also stopped any dry/itchy skin underneath and just overall made my beard 100% nicer to touch and look at! 7” long now and feeling it grow more and more each day!
- Ricky S., Verified Customer
Pure Manliness of the Gods
The feeling only a mere mortal can experience in this life time, a taste of Valhalla. A beard this soft and smells amazing 24 hours a day are the stuff legends are made of...pure manliness in the form of the Gods.
- Adrian P., Verified Customer
2nd only to the man who uses it
Honestly I can’t promote the beard struggle products any better then they already do. Hands down the best oils on the market, it took me a long time to find something that not only works but is exactly (if not more) what I paid for! I could write a long ass review about why they’re the best but I’d rather just tell you to buy it. I’m not an ambassador nor do I get any special discounts but I do care about my beard health and so does the beard struggle so if you do to then forget about the rest! That being said and not joking you will get random hotties smelling your mane everywhere you go
- Quin J., Verified Customer
After so many products..
I wanted to wait a week or so before leaving a review.. my beard has been dry, itchy, brittle and coarse for a long time. I tried more than 10 products and I've never, repeat - NEVER woke up with a soft untangled beard until The Beard Struggle.. Seriously great results! I would highly recommend this kit.
- William B., Verified Customer
Best beard products!
Love The Beard Struggle and the products they deliver. My lady LOVES the fragrances and they still make me feel like I smell manly. They are the best beard products I have ever used and their customer service is top notch. Great company, great product, highly recommend!
- Sam H., Verified Customer
Healthier, softer beard!
I was sceptical at first whether the products were actually as good.. I can honestly say, that these are the best products I've ever used. I've tried so many different brands over the years. These are the only products that have managed to tame my man mane. I will honestly not go back to using any other products.
- Sam H., Verified Customer
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