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by Fran O'Reilly October 31, 2017

It is that time of year again where random ghouls, ghosts, witches and zombies knock your at your front door in search of blood, by using the word blood I totally mean candy! Ah, it is of course Halloween!  

One night a year Dad digs our his killer clown costume from his dusty old wardrobe, and Mother dons her best witches hat and broomstick to match her already crooked warted nose, (just kidding Mum! I <3 you!) as the 'Monster Mash' rings out loudly around many party dancefloors this week and weekend, as everybody enjoys busting a move or three to Michael Jackson's Thriller all in the name of Halloween. Seeing as I am feeling well and truly spooked for all the right horrifying reasons, I wanted to delve into the dark side of our closets, and suggest what are the hottest must have Halloween costumes to don at your Halloween party this weekend. So let us begin with our favourite Halloween costumes from hell...

Halloween's Michael Myers...

Everyone's favourite silent as a mouse killer, Michael Myers still remains one of my most earey favourites to don any Halloween party. There is something rather chilling about his dark eyed pale masked complexion that sends a chill right down my spine. As a kid I was truly terrified of him, I think more so because of his silent approach before brutally stabbing his victims to a bloody pulped death then to calmly leave the scene to hunt out his next unwilling victim.

Thankfully this look isn't overly difficult to achieve. A worker's dark blue baggy jumpsuit is needed, along with the white faced mask, which may set you back a couple of dollars, but with this timeless classic it will be money very much well invested I'm sure you would agree.

A Bearded Bloodied Viking...

Being the kingpin of all things Vikings, here at The Beard Struggle we certainly know a thing or two about how to recreate that war torn bloodied look with our brand Vikings.

The Viking era is ever growing in popularity and a bloodied bearded viking certainly would not look out of place at your works Halloween bash. The bigger the beard the better you are suited to the role of a Viking, and if you have the body to match you are the whole package, ready for a little fake blood and mud to look like you have stepped foot right from the battlefield itself.

Take a look at our Vikings on Instagram for a little inspiration!

Stephen King's Killer Clown, Pennywise (IT)...

It seems everyone is talking about IT the pennywise clown this Halloween. With the latest movie remake being one to remember it has certainly unearthed everyone's discomfort around clowns once again, with killer clowns randomly returning to our streets and more sightings happening each week it seems rather obvious that many folks fear them.

The new 'IT' clown costume has fast become the most popular for this Halloween, with many retailers selling out of their costumes for both adults and children alike. I gotta admit, if I were to see a smiley faced clown icking about my streets, it would go one of two ways.

I would either mow that bitch down in the most savage way possible, or like an R Kelly love song I would run for the hills and never look back. What would you do?

Halloween bearded Hillbilly...

Hillbillys never seem to tire at Halloween parties alike. They come in a variety of shapes, shades and sizes, no two are ever quite the same and you can become as creative as you please in the process. Black out a couple of teeth, own that accent and fall in love with your brother a sister and you have all the tools at hand to be the perfect Halloween hillbilly.

Friday the 13th's Jason Voorhees...

You really can't beat the slasher movie classics, and Friday the 13th's, Jason Voorhees certainly knows how to dismember his victims in true brutal horror movie flick fashion. Armed with his trusty machete you'll often find this strange man hanging about watching courting couples in the woods, before famous reinacting the 'Surprise Motherf*cker!' gif on his unsuspecting victims. My personal favourite being the death scene in the tent, remember that one? BRUTAL!

Usually you can pick up those white hockey masks from most stores, then some raggy work overalls and a toy weapon of choice and you are about good to go. So, who did you come as this Halloween? As always let us know in the comments section you'll find provided below.

And until next time, Beard on Brothers, Beard on...

Fran O'Reilly
Fran O'Reilly


I'm your daily blogger here at 'The Beard Struggle'. Have a beard related question? Get in touch!

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