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by Fran O'Reilly October 23, 2017

Happy Monday everybody! I sure hope your weekend was one to remember for all the right reasons. Me? I had a hectic, yet awesome weekend spent with my friends and family. The only sad part of it being is that it flew by super fast and now, we meet the Monday blues once again.

Today, let us talk about something that is super important to us all, sleep. Many of us don't get nearly enough of it, whilst others over indulge in such restful activities. But what are the beneficial factors of getting enough sleep? And what happens is we have a restless night's snooze? Let us discover the importance of sleeping as we start today's blog, smartly titled Why Sleeping Is Important To Each And Every Bearded Man...


It is believed that getting the correct amount of sleep plays a huge part in a person's personal health and wellbeing. Resting helps the mind to relax and much like charging your phone, gives your body the break it needs to 'recharge', for a choice of words. When people are tired and run down, anxiety issues may begin to arise, making them much harder to shift due to your exhaustion levels. This is why it is important to rest easy whenever possible.


Unfortunately there are many factors that can affect how we sleep. Insomnia is becoming a growing factor in many people's lives, not to mention other causes such as high stress levels, worries and concerns that might be stopping you from achieving some much needed rest.

when we go to bed at night it is important not to stress yourself out and learn to leave your days woes behind you at the door. Put down your tablets, laptops and mobile devices, and learn to relax a little. It may sound like real obvious pointers I am giving you, but we now live in a world that are totally addicted to our electronic devices, and the very thought of being without the likes on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter seem like a scary world to live in, although in all honesty it would be a much more relaxed environment to be in at the very least.

Mankind lived long before technology ever did, and could comfortably continue to do so if it were required. But the truth of the matter is we have become heavily reliant upon our devices. So much so that we check our phones right before we go to sleep in bed and the moment we wake up first thing in the morning. It has become an unhealthy habit to have, and one we can't seem to shake, nor do many of us want to. 


It is a little known fact that a man's facial hair might actually grow a little faster as and when he is resting whilst he sleeps. So, not only are you giving your body some much needed down time, but you are actually serving your face gruff a helping hand in the growing department in the process, now isn't that a bonus to be had!

I decided to dig a little deeper and research such findings and can in fact confirm them to be true. It is said that whilst you are sound asleep your body relaxes, minimising stress, as well as other emotional pressures which may help boost a weakened immune system, which in turn could result in better facial hair growth as a result. Pretty nifty, aye!  


We can all relate to having those so called 'grumpy moments' where everything just seems to royally piss you off and annoy you more than it usually would. Which usually results in us being extra snappy and rather grotty to just about anyone and everyone who is crazy enough to step foot in our path on route of mass destruction.

Usually this boils down to old 'Mister /Misses old Grumpy-socks' not having enough sleep the night previous, which can see us have shorter tempers and become snappy and short fused.

Whenever I am feeling run down and tired my body does some pretty stupid sh*t in order to grab my attention. For example when I have had a hectic week, my right eyelid twitches like crazy, although it may be pretty much invisible to everyone around me, I can feel it and it is having a total 'Me Party!' by itself on my upper eyeball. At first I was little worried as I wondered what the heck was going on, but after a little research it usually signifies your bodies way of telling you to slow down a little and rest. And once I have done so it relaxes once more.  

That's my bodies way of letting me know I need to relax a little, although there are an army of other signals that might happen, from picking up sudden twitches, to constantly feeling low and run down. Although the most obvious one being, of course yawning constantly. Learn what your body is trying to tell you.  


The recommended amount of sleep tends to differ from person to person by following an array of changing factors, from a person's sex, age and lifestyle. Although the basic guidelines and rule of thumb to follow is believed to be around 8-9 undisturbed hours each and every night.

This may change as you become older, as our body needs more time to rest than it did before, but the human body is usually in it's optimal condition after a solid 8 hours undisturbed sleep. Whilst many may report working better on little sleep, me included, it isn't said to be good as a long term lifestyle choice. My body clock got knocked off balance when I used to work night shifts in my younger years, today I usually get around 5 hours sleep a night, which might be a factor for me in later years to come.

So, that sees Monday's blog wrapped up and complete for today everybody. As always I urge you to leave your feedback and views in the comments section provided below.

And until next time, beard on Brothers, Beard on...

Fran O'Reilly
Fran O'Reilly


I'm your daily blogger here at 'The Beard Struggle'. Have a beard related question? Get in touch!

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