It's no secret that here at 'The Beard Struggle' we rather like our beards. 'Like' probably being a rather tame word to describe, so let me rephrase...We LOVE them! Sometimes beard disasters happen, be it in the form of a bad trim, a dying disaster or rocking the hobo look these things can happen. Today, I wanted to look at some of the causes as to why perfectly good beards sometimes go bad. Very bad.


Of course we highly encourage you to sport your marvelous beard and proudly so! But allowing your beard to run away with itself can often prove fruitless as you'll soon have a wild and crazy face full of fuzz that looks like you've just woken up from a hibernation slumber. The key here is to take jolly good care of your facial forest, because without a little due TLC along the way you might reach certain levels of your beard growing game that you'd rather not want to.


Throughout my beard blogs you'll often find me forever stressing the importance of using beard oils and balms. And there is a very valuable reason for me choosing to do so. As without opting into using such products your beard will soon grow out a wispy, dried out brittle mess (and that's putting it politely!) Your beard requires a certain level of moisture to continue growing at its prime, and without it you'll soon discover your facial gruff begin to look and feel somewhat thinner and much weaker too. Locking in all the goodness by using our 'TBS' beard oils and tonic balms will continue to help your beard-mane look at it's optimal best. So whatever you do, don't skip a little much needed TLC when it comes to your beard care.


Another beginners mistake that I often see happening is when a new bearded fellow first begins to grow out his beard he decides that a little tidy up is necessary and in doing so makes several mistakes when reaching for the scissors. This often comes into play when the beholder feels a little out of his depth and begins to feel somewhat scruffy and unkempt due to the new feeling of having a stubbly itchy beard. Believe me, we have all been there in the earlier stages. But the key here is allow enough time for that beard to fill out and take shape before you even consider that a little tidy up is on the cards. You might feel a tad untidy in comparison to your former clean shaven self, but truth be told you certainly don't look it. (despite what you lovely Mrs might say!) The longer you can leave your facial hair to grow the better I say! As then when it does come time for a little tidy up trim it will be a much easier task to do so.


This might seem like a huge back-leap from me, but it's also rather important not to overuse your beard comb, oils and balms. Now, It is of course still very important to use such products and items, but in moderation . As if you overuse such items you'll soon begin to know about it. Beard oils should not feel overly oily or leave a tacky substance within your beard. They should however leave your facial forest feeling soft, light and slightly moist. (moist, always sounds like a filthy word, no matter how much I read it!) Some products currently found on the market today can leave your beard feeling a little sticky, and if this is happening to you, you're either using a poor quality oil or you are using a tad too much of it. Over-combing is usually a touchy subject when speaking to any bearded fellow and within the beard blog. But I stick by my believe that you can indeed over-comb your beard, which without meaningly doing so will cause a higher number of split ends and beard hair loss caused by unnecessary snagging. Using the right comb is also key, and I advise you choose a wide toothed comb, which can be found on our exclusive online store.

Well, that sees another beard blog come to a close for today folks! As always if you have any thoughts or questions please feel free to leave them in the comments section provided below! Have a beardy related subject you'd like to see featured in our blog? Let us know!

And until next time, Beard on Brothers, Beard on...


  • Dave Adkinson

    Extremely good advice. I’ve been growing a beard for almost 3 yrs. for some reason it has come in completely white.
    I have played Santa every year for the last 5yrs. I would shave it off the first two years but have let it go the last 3. Over combing definetly will thin out the ole face forest.
    I use a good quality oil ! My fav is Moroccan hair oil! Lightly scented and very rich. I use it every day after shampooing and conditioning. I put the oil on while my beard is still wet! Fluff it a little and pretty much done for the day!
    Thanks for the above info and Beard on my Merry Band of Awesome Men of the Brotherhood!

  • George

    Awesome, thanks for the response and advice.

  • Fran O'Reilly


    Thanks for taking the time to read our blog and leave us a comment George!

    My suggestion would be not to overuse any of these products. When it comes to shampoos and conditioners I wouldn’t recommend using them daily, rather a couple of times a week. And with beard oils and/or balms I use a balm in the morning, then top up usually with oil later on in the day, followed by the night elixir come the late evening.

    You’ll often find peoples grooming and beard care routines alter from one bearded fellow to another depending on beard size. And what might work great for one might not work so well for another, so find something that works well for you, Brother.

  • George

    When it comes to conditioners, oil, and balms what time frames should one follow. I do conditioner out of the shower then oil a few hours later then balm a bit later the oil before bed. How would you advise to use these products? Thanks for the blog its awesome.

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