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Exotic, Fearless, and Powerful, is a name associated with the Vaeringjar or the more notorious name, the Varangian Guard. They were the only mercenary unit in history whose exploits can be counted in Centuries. These Norsemen came from distant lands, whose glorious feats were the makings of myths and legends. They were described as axe-bearing barbarians who were recounted on how they were frightening both in appearance and in equipment that attacked with reckless rage and neither cared about losing blood nor their wounds. Formidable, durable, and enduring, are where we drew our inspiration for our new Vaeringjar Heated Beard Brush


When the unit is switched on, the Low temperature will shift to Blue LED start blinking. (default setting temperature is 160 degrees Celsius, middle range temperature is 180 degrees Celsius, high range temperature is 200 degrees Celsius)

As temperature increases, a blue LED will either be on or off when its corresponding temperature is respectively lower or higher than the temperature that is set, otherwise it will keep blinking.

When the set temperature is reached, the Blue LED will consistently illuminate, indicating the unit is ready for operation.


When the battery is being charged, the 3rd LED will illuminate Red.

When the battery is fully charged, the LED will illuminate Green instead of Red indicating the Beard Brush is ready to use.


  1. Please fully charge battery before use. Note: This Heated Beard Brush is Designed for a Dry Beard; DO NOT USE when beard is Wet.
  2. Use a micro USB cable (Type-C interface – Provided) to charge the Heated Beard Brush; “See Features diagram”
  3. To start operation, First unlock the Safety/ Lock switch located near the USB port and then press and hold the ON/OFF button for 3 to 5 seconds; the blue LED will start blinking, which indicates the unit is being heated. When the set temperature is reached, the blue LED will consistently illuminate instead of blinking. Default temperature is lowest temperature, press the ON/OFF button again to adjust to desired temperatures.


Please carefully read below cautions before operations

  1. This Heated Beard Brush is designed for dry beard only, operating on wet beard may over consume the battery, or cause damages. If to be used after beard wash, please dry your beard with towel before operation.
  2. The heating teeth are extremely hot, please don’t touch the heating teeth during operation. Please keep it away from children at any time.
  3. This unit comes with a locking mechanism, when the safety lock is on locking position, the unit will not switch on. To switch on the unit, please unlock the safety lock, make sure it is on locking position during travel.


Model #:

HS 1804


Portable Beard Brush





Thermal Conductor:

ultra-thin heating film


Rechargeable Lithium Battery

Battery Capacity:


Charging Method:

Micro USB

Charging Time:

2.5 hours (2A charger)

3.5 hours (1A charger)

Operation Time:

40 minutes


One USB Cable

One Pouch


12 months (Limited)


Packing List





Beard Brush


USB-C Cord







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  • Mike Poston

    I’ve been using a blow dryer that has 3 heat settings low (cool) medium and high, it also has a cool shot button. I normally use the cool setting at the very end of blow drying my beard because the cool setting helps lock in the hair. Is the cool setting needed for the beard and would I still need my blow dryers cool shot after I streighten it with the Vaeringjar Heated Brush?

  • Chris Mann

    I bought the Vaeringjar Heated Brush and I am not disappointed. Using it makes my beard soft to the touch and manageable. I noticed a huge difference is the health of my beard after a week of use. I recommend It to everyone who is serious about their beard.

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