We understand life can be rather hectic and time isn't always on our side, my Grandfather would often say 'There's just not enough hours in the day!'. As a kid I didn't fully understand what that meant, but as I've grown older and become a father myself I can totally relate to that meaning. We spend much time taking good care of our beards, making sure your fuzzy faces are on point. Today, I wanted to simplify the process a little and give you a quick basic run down on beard grooming, of which will only take you a matter of minutes each and every morning before stepping a foot outside to face whatever the world has placed before you. So, here's The SImple Guide To Quick Beard Grooming... 


Combing through your beard is something you likely already do, and often. But the trick here is to not overcomb your face fuzz, and only do so as and when it is really needed. This will lower the chances of any unnecessary snagging and pulling of the beard hair which could cause normally healthy hair follicles to loosen and/or split. Comb through your beard each morning to detangle any troubled tangled areas, ready and in preparation for a splash of 'TBS' beard oil and/or balm.


By me saying 'treat your beard!' I don't mean you should buy it surprise flowers and chocolates, or whisk it away for a dirty weekend for two. No, I simply mean treat your beard to a generous helping of premium 'TBS' beard oil and/or balm. Why cut corners and buy a low quality oil that won't serve it's purpose, all in the name of saving a quick buck or two? You wouldn't splash cheap shitty wash all over your snazzy 17 plate Lamborghini (if you were so fortunate enough to have one!) so why cut corners when it comes to your beards care and wellbeing? Choose what product you're going to use and be generous when applying to your furry face. then once applied gently comb through your beard, helping the essential oils to even throughout your beard and reach the skin below, helping shape your beard in the process.


If like me, your beard appears to have a mind and imagination of it's own, it doesn't hurt to take a little extra time when trying to tame down the wild furry beast. I find once I've applied me some 'TBS' balm I use a bristle beard brush (coming soon!) to help shape and control my beard into the desired shape I'm after. It isn't an overly challenging task, as I find that our 'TBS' tonic and balm help better control frizzy beards rather easily. So, taking a few moments to brush through my beard certainly helps me better control my otherwise 'wildin out' fuzzy face. Give it a try, I think you'll be rather pleased with the results you'll have.

That sees another beard blog close for today my friends. As always take a few moments to leave us your thoughts, comments and feedback or any ideas you have for possible future blog topics.

And until next time, Beard on Brothers, Beard on...


  • Fran O'Reilly


    Hey Charles, Thanks for taking the time to comment!

    And would you judge me if I said ABSO-FRIGGIN-LUTELY!

    Whilst I understand and respect that not everyone can grow and own a beard, I highly applaud those who do.

    It’s not often you see a lion lead his pride without a mane, afterall.

    - The Beard Struggle

  • charles

    Hey Fran , do you believe like me that only real men can grow beard. like, if you can’t swing an axe or fight an ninja army with your comb, you’re not permitted to grow one !? :p

  • Fran O'Reilly


    Hey James, thanks so much for the positive feedback about our blog! We always welcome feedback from our readers, and comments like yours always help keep the wheels in motion as we continue to move forward.

    I’m pleased to read that you are in a profession that are more welcoming of facial hair, as sadly not everyone is so understanding. May your beard continue to grow forever more, Brother!


    - The Beard Struggle

  • James Gordon

    I’ve just started reading your blogs and appreciate the time you take out to write these. I’ve been growing my now consistently since June with the help of oils and balms. Before that I’d grown it out since October but decided to shave for a job interview. Now that I know my beard is more than welcome at my place of employment I take joy in making sure it is nice a healthy and your blogs really help give in site to what it takes. Most people see beard grooming as a trend and to many it is but I’ve grown a beard on and off since the day i hit puberty and I have been told I have the face structure that requires a beard and how much better i look with one. So thank you for writing a blog for a real enthusiast and not for hipster merely going through a fad.

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