Today we are trying a slightly different approach with our blog, and instead of giving you smart bearding tips and care advice we would like to hand you the mic and ask your opinion on what you'd like to see us talk about in our future beard blogs!

It could be a simple beard related question you've had buried away in your brain for a while, or a recent beard related news article you've seen popping up on your social media timeline. Whatever it may be please let us know!

We're constantly searching the world wide web for new and fresh ideas to keep our beard blogs relevant and up to date with all things beard related. If you've been a regular reader of ours or a newbie reading us for the very first time we truly appreciate your time in doing so. Leaving any ideas, comments or questions you may have in the comments section of our blog will help us form a better understanding of what you like to read in comparison to what you don't. So taking a few moments to speak with us contributes to the future of our blog more than you may have first realised.

Throughout my time writing blogs for 'The Beard Struggle' I have discussed a wide array of beardy related topics. From beard tips, beard dos and don't's, beard mistakes, what women dig about our beards as well as debugging numerous so called 'studies' that are against our beards and proven them to be little more than total nonsense. (Well, most of the time!)

Do you enjoy our blogs to contain beard advice and/or tips? beard related stories? beard trimming disasters? Whatever it might be that you would like to read in our future posts we would like to know!

And on that fine note, we see another 'The Beard Struggle' blog post come to an end for today. Please take a moment to leave us your feedback, be it positive or negative as I rather enjoy speaking with you all!

And until next time, beard on Brothers, Beard on...


  • Fran O'Reilly


    Hey there Gabby, many thanks for taking the time to read our blogs and leave us a comment!

    I have written a blog which will help you out with all of your questions in regards to cleaning/washing your beard. I’ll pop the link at the bottom of this post (although you’ll have to copy & paste this as unfortunately links are not currently supported in the comments section) so you can take a read!

    In the meantime if you have any other comments or questions please do not hesitate to ask away, Brother.

    A LITTLE ADVICE TO HELP KEEP THAT BEARDRUFF AT BAY https://www.thebeardstruggle.com/blogs/beard-blog/a-little-advice-to-help-keep-the-beardruff-at-bay

  • Fran O'Reilly


    Thank you for reading our blogs and taking the time to comment, Eman.

    May I ask how long you have been growing out your beard for? Facial hair tends to grow at very different rates, they can sometimes appear much thinner in certain areas giving a slightly uneven appearance. My advice would be to give your beard a little more time to continue to grow and give our ‘TBS’ premium beard care range a try if you haven’t done so already.

    Doing so will help your beards growth whilst keeping your facial hair in top condition. If you have any further questions or need any advice along they way please do not hesitate to reach out and ask, Brother.

  • Fran O'Reilly


    Thanks for reading our blogs and taking a moment to comment Zach!

    Firstly, beards tend to differ from person to person and so does their beard growth rate. It seems what you’re currently experiencing is rather normal and nothing to be concerned overly about, and given more time your beard will continue to grow and balance itself out evenly.

    May I ask how long you have been growing out your beard for? All of our range of ‘TBS’ premium beard care products will support your beards growth, and I highly recommend you give them a try if you haven’t already. If you have any further questions please feel free to ask, Brother.

  • Fran O'Reilly


    Hi there Shawn, firstly many thanks for taking the time to comment on our blog. It’s great to read that our posts have proved beneficial to you and the care of your beard. I would suggest you try our beard ‘TBS’ tonics/balms which have proven to help out our customers with similar issues of which you are experiencing. The main thing here is to NOT give up on growing out your beard. Many people hit a bump in the road and choose to fold, but I can assure you that you can still reach your beard goals given a little more time and TLC.

    Take a moment to check out our customer feedback via our online store to see what others with similar issues to you have said about our premium beard care range. If you try our range and are still not satisfied we also offer a full refund too for a little extra peace of mind. In the meantime if you have any other questions you’d like to ask please fire them our way Brother.

  • Gabby

    A couple days ago you wrote about keeping your beard clean but can you go further with that – proper cleaning – wash? How often? Type of wash to use? Conditioners?
    Bearded & Proud!

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