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by Fran O'Reilly June 16, 2017

With the hotter months of the year quickly coming into swing you might find your face fur may start to itch and tingle a little more than it usually does. This might simply be because your face is much warmer, and more sweat than usual is being produced upon your face, hence the uncomfortable itchy feeling you are experiencing.

If it is not that obvious it might be one of the following things below. So, let us begin with How To Finally Solve The Dreaded Beard Itch...

When a man first sets off on his beard growing journey he might hit a few obstacle in the road along the way. Ingrowing hairs can easily form, which not only look rather unsightly, but also itch like crazy too.

Whilst there is very little that can be done to prevent them until they have become visible, thankfully they clear up rather quickly. All you have to do is keep your face extra clean during this process. In some cases you may be able to gently remove the ingrown hair with tweezers. Be sure to keep these areas moisturised with either a good moisturising cream or a touch of beard oil upon those trusty whiskers.


Sometimes we instantly think the worse when our face fur begins to itch us like crazy, when in truth it could be something rather simple that we could be doing wrong to cause the itch to begin in the first place.

Over washing your face fluff is a rather common one, as what often happens when you do this is rather than cleaning the area, you instead aggravate it with whatever soap you are over using.

Stick to thoroughly washing your beard around 3 times per week, opting in to rinse through your beard instead, and only use wash and conditioners that are made for facial hair. 


It's beard oils and balms to rescue once more! I can't preach their importance enough, but keeping your face whiskers well hydrated with a touch of beard oil or / and balm will help keep things ticking along nicely.

Oils help regenerate troublesome hairs whilst providing you with enough moisture that both your face and beard require to move smoothly forward growing happily.

Why not visit our exclusive 'The Beard Struggle' store and check out our Viking range of beard care products, go on, you know it makes sense! 

That sees another week of blogs come to a sweet close for this week my friends. Why not leave us a little something in the comments section you'll find provided below and we will get right back to you!

And until next time, Beard on Brothers, Beard on...

Fran O'Reilly
Fran O'Reilly


I'm your daily blogger here at 'The Beard Struggle'. Have a beard related question? Get in touch!

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