Good day to all beardos and beardy admirers. I have something rather special I would like to share with you all. Now, if you are part of our 'TBS' emailing list you might have received a little information through already in regards to a new and exciting venture we have been working on behind the curtain here at 'The Beard Struggle' HQ. We are set to launch an exclusive team of bearded Brothers. A team of elite bearded gentleman like no other, better known as 'Beard Struggle Vikings.'

We are searching for the very best facial forests in our ever growing Beard Struggle family to become the alpha male elite chosen few. Not everyone will be able to become a 'Beard Struggle Viking' as only a select chosen few will be granted the title, but for those fortunate enough to become a 'Beard Struggle Viking' there are some great benefits for you to behold!

The benefits of becoming a 'Beard Struggle Viking' are as follows -

* You'll receive exclusive membership into our Elite Brand Viking Brotherhood. 

* You will be granted an authentic badge of recognition and the platform to further your way up 'The Beard Struggle Viking' rankings system. 

* You'll be granted with exclusive custom designed avatars that display your current rank amongst your fellow bearded Brotherhood.

* You will gain shoutouts on one of the biggest bearded social media platforms in the entire world.

* You will be granted access to our TOP SECRET Facebook and Instagram closed groups which are only granted to our elite members.

* We will grant you exclusive access to free beard tips and tricks video guides as well as top secret PDF tutorial files.

You will also be given exclusive access to our entire catalogue of our latest 'The Beard Struggle' beard care range, including new scents long before they launch on sale to the general public.

Sounds like something you are interested in? Then simply drop our Chief Bearded officer an email over at with your intention to join the team giving a little background on yourself and your bearded journey so far. Give a brief reason as to why you feel you deserve to join the team, including any photos of your glorious beard that you may wish to include As you can imagine the demand will be high and many will apply, but only a select few will be chosen to join the 'Beard Struggle Viking' ranks...

If you have any questions please ask in the comments section provided below and I will take a moment to answer each and every one of them as they are received.

And until next time, Beard on Brothers, Beard on...

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